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Zootopia in Space!

By Pen-Mark
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A painting of a classic Zootopia scene, with a space twist! :D

It was fun to return to my favorite animal duo; having been saying busy with my comic, this was a relaxing break.
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Nick: "Whatever you do, do not let go!"
Judy: *can't hear through her helmet; lets go*

A fun twist on the scene!
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Do... you... realize......?
We're floating...... in space.........

"Do You Realize" - Ursine Vulpine (featured in Transformers 5 trailer)
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Come on, this isn't Zootopia in space,.... It's Zootopia's version of Gravity! :rofl:
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"It was fun to return to my favorite animal duo"

And equally fun to see the result!
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This is Gravity in Zootopia.
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I was thinking more like the climax to The Martian movie adaptation
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dang it, I just commented that above and didn't see yours below! Thought I had it first......
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ahahah nice !
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Indeed a tasty twisty. :thumbsup:
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Nick and Judy...  IN SPAAAAAAACE!!!
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Definitely reminds me of Gravity,,, and I would seriously rather be swinging from a rotting vine over the Rain Forest district than hurtling through space without an MMU! (Manned Maneuvering Unit)
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Nick we need your help.
Star Judy needs your help
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Nifty take on Nick and Judy. Looks more fun than Moonraker. ;)
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zootopia jump scare icon Judy Hopps - Icon Action packed! 
And I'm glad you like it! La la la la 
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No problem, man. B-) (Cool) 
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In Space no one can hear you go..."D'awwwwww!"
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:giggle: ;P So true, lol

Thanks for that :D 
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This reminds me of Gravity
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