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ME2 Shepard's Eleven Poster

Spoof version of the movie "Ocean's Eleven", featuring the mass effect cast! Lool
The choice of roles was not random, as the characters have been chosen for their similarities to the originals (sorta....)
As for Jane's place, she does not play the love interest (as it was Julia Robert's name there)....just there for the lol

The poster is a complete replica of the original... and was not intended to make profit out of or something like that but sort of a parody (so please, no need to shout about it)

here's the link to the closeup of the crew without the poster element thingies... [link]

Check out the rights on the bottom of the poster.... you might find an interesting read... =D Some people went to a great length to make the movie. Order your ticket now! lool

- - -

EDIT: Sorry, it was 3am when I was posting this and my head wasn't clear enough to write down details, so now here goes;

Mordin = Saul (he's got this elderly refined with badass reputation hanging around him...))
Tali + Kasumi = the Malloy brothers (for the
Zaeed = Frank (for the 'intimidation')
Thane = Yen (acrobatics, and if he's small enough for the vents, he's small enough for a
Miranda = Reuben (for the ressources)
Jacob = Linus (dunno, he feels like the new guy)
John = Danny Ocean (of course)
Garrus = Rusty (for the sidekickness)
Legion = Basher (for the tech savvy)
Veetor = Livingston (for the stress-tech-shy type)

and a few others that didn't make it in the poster:
Donovan = Terry
Jane = Tess

So some were chosen for their similarities to the characters, but others were because when we imagined a specific scene and put the 'said-character' in, it was hilarious as hell.

Out of curiosity, who actually watched the movie?

Thanks for the favs and comments!
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I haven't seen the original movie, but I'd love to watch this one :D
BladeSquall's avatar
I could watch this.
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
Legion as Basher?  Great, now I'm imagining a geth speaking foulmouthed Cockney...

Awesome poster, by the way.
MinksnDolphins's avatar
.... This is Really Awesome!!!!
Moochki's avatar
would be amazing if a movie with the whole crew existed. Just all the guys dicking arround, celebrating after the destructionf of the collector base. I'd totally watch it.
Not familiar with the Ocean's 11 movies, but you've got to find a way to get Jack in this, as she's the major criminal of the ME2 crew.
Armthe1's avatar
This could make a great comic
Kupuohi's avatar
TheGrayWarden's avatar
You know, I feel really stupid, because I counted them.
MaDSaM's avatar
Screenplay by E.D.I. ^^
Awesome! :D
MachineGunPiggy's avatar
Okay, this.... this is the most amazing thing I've seen in weeks.

One of my favorite movies + one of my favorite games = :o
kongming234's avatar
I'm trying to find the ratpack version but its dificult to actually find
Shepard's 11 plot to steal the Human Reaper, lol
Spartan295's avatar
I watch all four and loved this poster, also wasn't their another version of this with Jane in the group too?
pandarune's avatar
"Incredulous Council" was a nice touch :D
Vert8472's avatar
I wanna see this movie now lol so wish someone would make it
PaeBac's avatar
QWIB QWIB spotted
bondss's avatar
"Qwib Qwib Flotilla" rofl! Gets me everytime xD
ChozianArt's avatar
I dunno where you got this from but- it's awesome.
Pablo-M-C's avatar
OMG!! Greaaaaaaat ! jajaajja
Bianso's avatar
This is pure win!! Gotta love the production details at the bottom. :love: Don't know -how- in seven hells that could happen in the ME universe, though. :D
xbamxheartagramx's avatar
I watched this the other day lol. Looooove it.
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