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Leopold the Illustrious of Austria

By Pelycosaur24
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NEXT: Henry I the Strong

UPDATED VERSION: now with historically accurate shoes!

So finally I start with my Babenberg Dynasty Collection.

These are the first drawings I ever did entirely digital on gimp – yay :D

I based my drawings on:

1. Actual contemporary depictions (very rare)

2. Depictions from the late Middle Ages

3. Clothing References from the Internet

4. My Imagination

;) But if any of you medieval nerds spots a very serious mistake please tell me.

A little historical background: The Babenberg Dynasty ruled Austria during its first 280 years of existence and pretty much created Austria. We don’t know their real name. “Babenberg” refers to a remark made by medieval historian Otto of Freising that their ancestors came from Bamberg.

Without further ado:

This is Leopold I the Illustrious, Margrave of Austria. He is not very well known. In fact even his own family forgot about him – yes Historian Otto of Freising (Son of margrave Leopold III) does not mention him at all. He first shows up in History when he takes over the Mark which would later be known as “Ostarrichi” on 21th July 976. I depicted him carrying a bow since a bow played an important role at two points in his life – first legend tells us that on a hunt the emperor Otto II was attacked by a bear when his bow broke. Leopold reacted quickly and shot the animal just in time, thus saving the emperor. Thankfully Otto handed over the broken bow to Leopold saying that he may exchange it for a new piece of land as soon as one will be available. In 976 the former Margrave of the “Marcha orientalis” died and Leopold took over.

And the second time a bow played an important role in Leopold’s life was when his life ended. At a tournament in Bavaria someone attempted to murder his cousin Henry – but the assassin missed and shot Leopold instead.  :archer:

Old Paper Texture in the Background

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Amazing, you are a very talented person, this really looks like a character design for a Don Bluth film or a Disney renaissance film.
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Thank you ver much! :D Yes I took a lot of influence from the Disney style, then again these drawings are quite old - I plan to update them some time soon :)
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Ja ja...wer nicht richtig bogenschießen kann...
Pelycosaur24's avatar
Deswegen hab ich mir ein Pfeilfangnetz gekauft ;)
ladyblackbird13's avatar
Gute Investition...vor allem in seiner Reichweite! :D
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Thanks! :) All my Babenbergs will recieve updates, most of which will involve new shoes/feet! ;)
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Where's his dinosaur?
Pelycosaur24's avatar
I guess the 10th century is a little early for discovering a dinosaur ;)
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Oh. That explains it.
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I love the character in his face on this one!
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Love the series.
Pelycosaur24's avatar
I am very glad you do! :)
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He was killed because of a failed assassination attempt?! That's both weird and terrible. I love the story about saving the emperor while hunting. Once again your artwork is lovely and your summery funny and informative.
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Thank you very much! :D

I wonder if they caught the guy who did it? 
I love all the Legends surrounding the Babenbergs, and I'd really love to know if they ever really happend (well the one with the Basilisc obviously did not...)
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Oh dear, I'm almost afraid to ask... What is the legend of the basilisc?!
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There are a few different versions…

I actually wrote my own interpretation from the perspective of one of my characters, but it stays pretty true to the original storyline of the legend! ;)

I hope you like it.

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Wow that's quite a story! I was definitely captivated. You have a great writing style funny but also suspenseful! I loved your use of first person perspective as well, it really engaged me. :)
Pelycosaur24's avatar
Thank you :happybounce: I am really gald you like the concept, because I was not sure how well it would turn out ;)
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As I understand it, 'Mark' is a variation of 'March'? Which means, what became Austria had been an ancient province of the Roman Empire.
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Yes, Mark is simply the German word for "March".

It depends on which Roman Empire you mean:

Under Roman rule the territory of modern day Austria was split up in three provinces - Raetia, Noricum, Pannonia. Noricum held most of it and is THE Austrian roman Province. However these structures got completely destroyed in the course of the 6th century.

The origin of Austria lies in the marches of the Holy Roman Empire.

When in 955 emperor Otto defeated the Hungarians at Lechfeld he needed to secure the new border by creating a number of small marches - one of these was the marcha orientalis (eastern march) which later would be known in German as "Ostarrichi" and in Latin as "Austria".

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Well that gets a fave just for the history lesson!
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