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The Gross Sisters by Pelswick234 The Gross Sisters :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 2 0 Trollhunter Allies by Pelswick234 Trollhunter Allies :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 1 0 Julia by Pelswick234 Julia :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 10 0 Penny and LaCienega by Pelswick234 Penny and LaCienega :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 1 0 Grim and Evil by Pelswick234 Grim and Evil :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 16 0 Olga Pataki by Pelswick234 Olga Pataki :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 5 1 Lincoln Loud by Pelswick234 Lincoln Loud :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 8 2 Gotta Blast! by Pelswick234 Gotta Blast! :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 5 1 Jimmy Neutron: Teenage Genius by Pelswick234 Jimmy Neutron: Teenage Genius :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 5 0 Loud Love by Pelswick234 Loud Love :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 8 1 Retroville Love by Pelswick234 Retroville Love :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 7 3 Team Neutron by Pelswick234 Team Neutron :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 13 7 Not So Different by Pelswick234 Not So Different :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 8 2 Jimmy Neutron and Friends by Pelswick234 Jimmy Neutron and Friends :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 7 2 Those Blasted Meddling Kids by Pelswick234 Those Blasted Meddling Kids :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 15 2 Scooby-Doo and the Funky Phantom by Pelswick234 Scooby-Doo and the Funky Phantom :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 4 2


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Trollhunter Allies
These are all of Jim, Claire, and Toby's friends. They would make such great members of the gang. Especially since Eli and Steve are now the Creepslayerz. 
Despite all of it's faults, Modern Sesame Street is doing a wonderful job with their newest member, Julia. She is perfectly fleshed out and more relatable than most of the Sesame Street Muppets. The fact that her performer has a son with Autism (like Julia does), sure helps Julia stand out more.

In most media nowadays, disabled characters are just used as an excuse to get a larger audience or fanbase, but Julia's depiction is much more realistic than most portrayals. When most people show disabled characters, it makes them look as if they are childish, extremely OCD, or just plain strange. Julia shows that not every special needs guy is like that, and how accepting we need to be of these types of people. She also stands out from most disabled characters in the media because she is a girl, since most (if not, all) of them are guys. I can't wait to see more of Julia in the future. She's probably the first breakout character in the series since Abby.
Penny and LaCienega
Penny Proud and LaCienega Boulevardez, the stars of that timeless classic, the Proud Family. 
Helga Cried? by bakugan4ever77

Helga. The little girl with a deep dark backstory.

Spent her whole life being hated and ignored by her own flesh and blood, forced to do things for herself at such a young age. Her first day at preschool, she was bullied by children not much smarter than her and forced to walk in the rain all alone in a dangerous city. Her hope has been taken from her so many times. She spends most of her time in her room, beaten and defeated.

What is the cruelty of the world? That we bully and hurt those who do not deserve it? What tragedy is this, that has a lonely soul emotionally scarred for life? Her heart is broken, must we break everything else too? A little girl traumatized at such a young age is the worst thing possible.


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Ellis Rogers-Archer
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Hello. I am Ellis Archer (aka Pelswick23). I am here to show you guys fanart of my favorite cartoon characters and my own original characters. Im gonna share the with the world. So comment and like.


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CommanderMs Featured By Owner Edited Sep 8, 2018  Student General Artist
I suggest that the ending for Groove Sqaud arc of the Inspector Gadget series to changed. Instead of nearly hurting her ankle, Star was sent to juvie. Also, Adrienne has somehow leak the information to the whole Bay City High School that Dr. Nightingale is an evil mad scientist who bents on World Domination and he has revealed that Star is Dr. Nightingale's daughter. When Roxanne and Stacy discovered this, they abandon Star for this and they decide to join Chrissy and her friends instead. Like Star, Dr. Nightingale was to be sent to prison after he is defeated by the Groove Squad. There are 2 post-credit scene in the end of the arc., the first credit-scene is Talon breaking Star out of Juvienile, 2 weeks. Later, after breaking Star out of juvie, Talon reveals to Star that Fernando has only have feelings for Chrissy, not Star, and offers her to join him in the life of evil and become his partners-in-crime. In the second post credit scene, Amanda Nightingale visits Walter in prison. She states to Walter that she is going to pick up Star in Juvie and have her be the one to raised her. Unfortunately, when she goes to the Juvienile Center to pick up Star, she discovers that she was already gone, picked up by Talon.

Since you've said that you considered William as a better love interest for Penny than Talon, I think that you should paired Talon up with Star and let go of his feeling with Fernando.
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Such a nice ending. Unfortunately, I am going to have to find a way to execute that ending. However, the mother thing is something that will come much later, cause I'm saving it for a real plot twist at the end of the arc. 

Also, I am glad that you suggested that Star being paired up with Talon would work more. After all, they are birds of a feather. Not to mention, Talon doesn't really like Penny. 
CommanderMs Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2018  Student General Artist

1. Write an outline for your story
Creating an outline that highlights all the moments of every chapter and gives a brief summary will help you in creating a good story and keeping a continuous stream of action. Not creating an outline can usually result in writer's block and no direction on where the story will go. Don't simply write the first chapter and wing it from there. Plan ahead! Know what's going to happen and write about it!

2. Give a good summary to your fanfic
A summary that tells the readers what the story entails and what the readers is essential for views. Don't say something like "I suck at summaries," or anything like that. It shows you're not confident in your writing ability. I mean, if you can't write a summary, what makes you think you can write a story? Always try and never be too ambiguous. And remember: don't spoil anything!

3: Learn to take criticism
This might come as a surprise to you, but not everyone will like your stories. There will be people who disagree with certain elements of your story and will point them out, but remain calm! Use this as a chance to rebut and defend your story. If the reviewer has advice, don't take it the wrong way. They mean well. Avoid using the phrase "don't like, don't read", as it alienates the reader and creates the image of an insecure author, and that's not what you want, right?

4: Know how to spell
Nothing can ruin a story like terrible spelling. The most essential thing about writing stories is knowing how to write words. As a proud Grammar Nazi, bad spelling, grammar and punctuation is something I have no tolerance for. Have a dictionary in hand and for God's sake, know how to spell!

5: Be creative!
Sure, you can write about the same things that everyone else is writing about, or you can take the high road and write about something that's fresh and original! This is the kind of stuff that I like to see around here, and possibly for others, and I always appreciate authors for making an effort to be original. Obviously you're not here to impress me, but it's just something to think about. Be aware that "different" doesn't always translate to "good".

6: Use pacing properly
Nothing bugs me and many readers than a rushed story. Learn how to create build-up and use it to its full extent. Having events happen suddenly without word or build-up will only confuse readers and leave them scratching their heads.

7: Respond to reviews
Nothing makes a reviewer feel more fuzzy inside than an acknowledgement of their existence! If possible, respond to reviews. Your readers will appreciate it. If the review is negative, respond anyway and talk about it. Maybe you two will come up with a resolution and a new life lesson.

8: Make lengthy chapters
The most appropriate amount of words that a chapter should have is 1000. Anything less is generally looked down upon. 500 words is also passable, but not by much. It's generally wise to not write 8K or more word chapters as these can drag on for too long and force readers to not read the entire thing and skimp. Keep them long, but not too long (that's what she said).

9: Let readers know that you're alive
If you're going on hiatus or taking a vacation and won't be able to write, let your readers know. Failure to due so will result in accusations of laziness, cancellation of fanfic, or the death of the writer. Whatever the case, let your readers know and if possible, create filler to pass the time.

10: Follow the rules!
You see those Guidelines that this website has? Follow them! You won't believe how many times I see authors on here breaking the rules. Make sure you don't become one of them. Follow the Guidelines and smooth sailing will be ahead.
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
I will take note of those words of wisdom. 
CommanderMs Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Student General Artist
Inspector Gadget Season 5 idea:

*In the Season 5 finale, I want Jonathan and Tyson to get married. Before they could get that, they need to deal with the person who is responsible for kidnapping Michael and destroying Tyson's old house. If they do that, they are free to get married. Also, Tyson's jealous lover should join M.A.D. and help Claw destroy Gadget. The reason why Tyson's jealous lover joins M.A.D. was because of Jonathan. And Tyson's jealous lover wants Claw to turn him into a cyborg, like Jonathan, so he can be an evil counterpart of Gadget. He is going to work for M.A.D as long as he and Claw destroy Gadget together and create an potion that will make Tyson fall in love with him and erase the memories of Jonathan of Tyson's love for him.
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
That wedding can wait. This season is going to be a foreshadowing of things that are to come eventually.
CommanderMs Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Student General Artist
Inspector Gadget animated series reboot idea:

*I suggest that the running gag of the series would be that after Gadget read the exploding sheet of paper that Chief Quimby gave to him of what will be his mission, Gadget carelessly throw it at Chief Quimby and explode in his face, which Chief Quimby will say "Why do I always have to put up with him". The reason why Gadget throws the exploding paper at Chief Quimby was because there wasn't way to turn off the exploding paper, there is no off switch on the exploding paper, he doesn't where is the turn off switch for the exploding paper and doesn't how to turn off or he careless throws it at Chief Quimby.

*The setting for the Inspector Gadget reboot takes place in Metro City, like the 1983 Inspector Gadget series. Sometimes, there are some episode that doesn't take place in Metro City and takes place from around the world, for the sake of stopping global crime such as M.A.D.. Lastly, the setting for Inspector Gadget reboot takes place in modern times, similar to Ducktales 2017 series.

*Unlike the fanfiction where there are crossover in it, the reboot will feature no crossover elements and real-life reference in it. Also, there will only be one crossover and that is Gadget Boy.

Ellis97, what will be the first episode of Inspector Gadget Season 5 because all of my ideas are scrambled around and this site.
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
The first episode will involve the city’s crime rate and political problems.
CommanderMs Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Student General Artist
Groove Squad Adventures idea:

*In the movie, it was never mentioned what happened to Star's mother and where is she is not explained. Here, her name is Amanda Nightingale and she is alive and had divorce from Dr. Nightingale because he is an evil mad scientist. Also, differing from Charlene Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb, where she is unaware that Heinz is a evil mad scientist, Amanda is aware of her husband's role as a evil mad scientist and she discover on her on. Because of this, she left Star to Dr. Nightingale and raised her on his own.

*As opposed to being a cowardly and unintelligent sidekick of Dr. Nightingale in the movie, this version of Larry will be braver and more intelligent sidekick to Dr. Nightingale.

*If Star desperately wanting to replace Chrissy as the captain of the cheerleading squad, then why don't he join Talon and Dr. Nightingale in an attempt to get rid of Chrissy and Groove Squad. Also, in the movie, it is unknown if Star is aware of her father's life as a Supervillain. Here, she is not aware that her father is a supervillain until Talon tells her. Also, if Star joins her father and Talon, maybe, they could help her get rid of Chrissy and her friends and get a superpower of her own.
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
• What a nice idea. However, I have something else in mind that will most likely be just as good.

• Oh we’re gonna see more Larry and he’s gonna be pretty cool to see.

• I’m not sure if Star is aware of her father’s evil ways, but that might as well be the case here. However, I don’t think Star would go so far as to do away with Chrissy. But I can definetly see her getting powers. Like pyrokitnetics.
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