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The Gross Sisters by Pelswick234 The Gross Sisters :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 2 0 Trollhunter Allies by Pelswick234 Trollhunter Allies :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 1 0 Julia by Pelswick234 Julia :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 10 0 Penny and LaCienega by Pelswick234 Penny and LaCienega :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 1 0 Grim and Evil by Pelswick234 Grim and Evil :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 16 0 Olga Pataki by Pelswick234 Olga Pataki :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 5 1 Lincoln Loud by Pelswick234 Lincoln Loud :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 8 2 Gotta Blast! by Pelswick234 Gotta Blast! :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 5 1 Jimmy Neutron: Teenage Genius by Pelswick234 Jimmy Neutron: Teenage Genius :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 5 0 Loud Love by Pelswick234 Loud Love :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 8 1 Retroville Love by Pelswick234 Retroville Love :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 7 3 Team Neutron by Pelswick234 Team Neutron :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 13 7 Not So Different by Pelswick234 Not So Different :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 8 2 Jimmy Neutron and Friends by Pelswick234 Jimmy Neutron and Friends :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 7 2 Those Blasted Meddling Kids by Pelswick234 Those Blasted Meddling Kids :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 12 2 Scooby-Doo and the Funky Phantom by Pelswick234 Scooby-Doo and the Funky Phantom :iconpelswick234:Pelswick234 4 2


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Trollhunter Allies
These are all of Jim, Claire, and Toby's friends. They would make such great members of the gang. Especially since Eli and Steve are now the Creepslayerz. 
Despite all of it's faults, Modern Sesame Street is doing a wonderful job with their newest member, Julia. She is perfectly fleshed out and more relatable than most of the Sesame Street Muppets. The fact that her performer has a son with Autism (like Julia does), sure helps Julia stand out more.

In most media nowadays, disabled characters are just used as an excuse to get a larger audience or fanbase, but Julia's depiction is much more realistic than most portrayals. When most people show disabled characters, it makes them look as if they are childish, extremely OCD, or just plain strange. Julia shows that not every special needs guy is like that, and how accepting we need to be of these types of people. She also stands out from most disabled characters in the media because she is a girl, since most (if not, all) of them are guys. I can't wait to see more of Julia in the future. She's probably the first breakout character in the series since Abby.
Penny and LaCienega
Penny Proud and LaCienega Boulevardez, the stars of that timeless classic, the Proud Family. 
Helga Cried? by bakugan4ever77

Helga. The little girl with a deep dark backstory.

Spent her whole life being hated and ignored by her own flesh and blood, forced to do things for herself at such a young age. Her first day at preschool, she was bullied by children not much smarter than her and forced to walk in the rain all alone in a dangerous city. Her hope has been taken from her so many times. She spends most of her time in her room, beaten and defeated.

What is the cruelty of the world? That we bully and hurt those who do not deserve it? What tragedy is this, that has a lonely soul emotionally scarred for life? Her heart is broken, must we break everything else too? A little girl traumatized at such a young age is the worst thing possible.


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Ellis Rogers-Archer
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
Hello. I am Ellis Archer (aka Pelswick23). I am here to show you guys fanart of my favorite cartoon characters and my own original characters. Im gonna share the with the world. So comment and like.


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CommanderMs Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018  Student General Artist
Inspector Gadget character information:

*Like I said before, despite Nozzaire's dislike of Gadget, it is shown that Nozzaire never wanted to kill Jonathan deep down. When there relationship gets fleshed out, I think that Nozzaire should join Gadget's team in some of their missions that General Sir gave to Gadget and get more respect and more admiration from General Sir. Also, I think that Nozzaire should watch Gadget if he does something clumsy and will try to prevent it.

*In the original series, Dr. Claw is unaware of Penny. Also, the key comedy of the original series is that Dr. Claw thinks that Gadget foils his plans, unaware it was Penny who foiled his plans. Also, in the 2015 series, when Talon is trying to tell Claw that Penny is the one who foils their plans and telling her existence to his uncle, but Claw doesn't buy it, in a same manner, Penny tries to tell her uncle about Talon but Gadget doesn't buy it as well. Here in this fanfic, they are equally aware of each other's nephew/niece as well as William and Penny's love each other. Had Dr. Claw, in the 2015 series, have retain the same level of evil in the original series, he would been aware of Penny and learning that she, not Gadget, is the one who foils their plans.
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
• You’ll be seeing plenty of that next season.

• Yes, they are both complete idiots.
CommanderMs Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  Student General Artist
Ellis97, much like Inspector Gadget and all of it's characters, it is never revealed in the series on what are the origins of some certain characters in Gadget Boy like Spydra, Gadget Boy and C-9 and their origins are vague. Here are my ideas for the backstories of Gadget Boy characters that I can think off:

*Gadget Boy's backstory is that he is adopted by Heather after he saw his parents died when he was young.

*In the series, it shown that Spydra has a mysterious past but in 3 episodes of Gadget Boy suggest that as a child she was mean to Boris even when they were kids in the Gadget Boy episode "A Gadget Boy Christmas All Around the World" and footage of her when she was a baby shown in "Pirate of the Airwaves" shows her stealing the other babies' bottles. Also, as a baby and as a child, she is born with 6 arms, suggesting that she may be a spider hybrid. Well, I don't like origin story of Spydra and her backstory suggest to be similar to Claw. I suggest that we changed her origin story completely.

*Myron Dabble's backstory is that he is a child prodigy who graduated college when he was 7 years old. Also, it was mentioned that he originally came from Cleveland but moved away to the Swiss Apps when was young.

*Chief Stromboli's role is the same as the original series, giving Gadget Boy his mission. However, since Gadget Boy will be more competent in the reboot, he wouldn't suffer the same fate as his original series counterpart. Also, unlike Chief Quimby, Chief Stromboli is nicer and more respectful to his fellow officers. And his first name is Drake.

Despite the fact that no one has attempted to create a perfect Inspector Gadget reboot and not taking the franchise seriously, how can that no one thought of creating an Gadget Boy reboot.
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Exactly. Nobody actually works at it. Nobody has layers or dimensions. They just fall flat and boring. Where’s the fleshing out? Where’s the storylines?
CommanderMs Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018  Student General Artist
Since you've made a chapter episode "When Tyson Meets Heather", I think that Gadget Boy reboot spin-off should receive a complete overhaul. Here are my ideas:

*Similar to the 1999 Inspector Gadget movie, I suggest that Gadget Boy to be more competent and more serious than the original series as well as being more effective.

*Due to negative continuity of whether or not, Gadget Boy is a cyborg or a robot. I suggest that Gadget Boy is a human-cyborg, similar to John Brown.

*Instead of Agent Smith being Gadget Boy's nanny, I suggest that he is Agent Heather Smith's adopted mother. Also, aside from being his partner, Heather should be his mentor and confidant and will always be there for him.

*Gadget Boy's real name is Ethan Grant.

*Due to negative continuity of whether or not, Gadget Boy is a cyborg or a robot. I suggest that Gadget Boy is a human-cyborg, similar to John Brown.

*Much like your Inspector Gadget, Gadget Boy should have his own personality and character. And not an idiot.

*Inspector Gadget is going to appear in the Gadget Boy reboot spin-off where John is going to teach Ethan on how to use his gadget and his new body. Perhaps become the apprentice of Jonathan before going back to Metro City.

*Unlike Jonathan, Ethan enjoys being a cyborg more than being human and feels no angst of missing the touch of Human skin.

*Gadget Boy is going to have a more definite backstory.

*Like Gadget Boy, it is never stated if C-9 is a cyborg dog or a robotic dog. I suggest that C-9 is a cyborg dog. Also, C-9's real name is Joe.
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
I've decided to let Gadget Boy into the series, but without him and the inspector being one and the same. 
CommanderMs Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Student General Artist
Since Inspector Gadget and Robo-Gadget has appeared in your fanfic, here are other version of Gadget that I like you to make them appear:

Olivia Walters - G2
Ethan Grant - Gadget Boy
Comrade Multi-Tool
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Those are their names?
CommanderMs Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Student General Artist
Yes. Those are their names that I gave them. Also, I haven't come up with the idea of the russian name that I will give to Comrade Multi-Tool.
Pelswick234 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
I see. Now all I need is to make those stories. I can't believe I made that end-of-the-world arc as opposed to any other things. 
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