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Photomanipulation Tutorials

:bulletblue: Creating Photomanip Shadows - archetype-stock.deviantart.com… by archetype-stock
:bulletblue: The Rain Tutorial - morteque.deviantart.com/art/Th… by Morteque
:bulletblue: Portrait Manipulation - photoshop-tutorials.deviantart… by photoshop-tutorials
:bulletblue: Winter Lights Tutorial - mindofka.deviantart.com/art/Wi… by mindofka
:bulletblue: Building A Room - lady-dementia-stock.deviantart… by Lady-Dementia-Stock
:bulletblue: Complete hair tutorial - princess-of-shadows.deviantart… by Void-W4lker
:bulletblue: Color gradient tutorial - princess-of-shadows.deviantart… by Void-W4lker
:bulletblue: Manip Tips + Tricks: Hair - kuschelirmel-stock.deviantart.… by kuschelirmel-stock

Photography Tutorials

:bulletblue: H.D. eyes tutorial - manip-equips.deviantart.com/ar… by Manip-Equips
:bulletblue: Basic Retouching Tutorial - stellatigirl.deviantart.com/ar… by Stellatigirl
:bulletblue: Black and White with CHANNELS - halo-monk.deviantart.com/art/B… by halo-monk
:bulletblue: Advanced Skin Cleaning - photoshop-tutorials.deviantart… by photoshop-tutorials
:bulletblue: Cross-Processing - photoshop-tutorials.deviantart… by photoshop-tutorials

Airbrushing Tutorials

:bulletblue: Airbrushing in Photoshop - surfing-ant.deviantart.com/art… by surfing-ant

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