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THOR:: Mother and child


for everyone who can't guess it - THOR IS THE DADDY! :'D

Okay, this is NOT MPREG - Loki is a frost giant - frost giants are intersexed - they sire and carry, there are no genders among them.


I want this girl to become a fandom-official Thorki child :heart:

Please, help me to spread her around the internet, she is just sooooo adorable :iconawwwplz: Let's make her a group and thousands of Fanart! :faint:
Of course the clothes will be changed xD

Which name do you want for her?: -after all, you all should agree with her:

:bulletorange: Lif or Lífþrasir You have to know:
Lif means "life, the life of the body"
Lífþrasir means "Livæ amator, vitæ amans, vitæ cupidus", "Líf's lover, lover of life, zest for life"
You could also write LIFA isntead of Lif

Mythology: Líf and Lífþrasir are the two people who will survive Ragnarǫk and become the ancestors of a new family of man.

:bulletorange: Kyliah - which means "Heaven"

:bulletorange: Þuríðr or short Þura ...I just like that name xD


Kyliah Lokidóttir

Loki Laufeyson © the movie THOR, Marvel and the Norse Mythology
Kyliah Thora Lokidóttir & ART © =Pelissa

Also on tumblr: [link]

Don\'t steal or use without premission~
Seriously, don\'t post it on any site without premission of mine.
The pic is not suppossed to be on Zero-chan and pixiv!!! I have my own accounts on those pages: zero-chan: PeliShevi, pixiv: PelissaShieva
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Thor and Loki are meant to be, nough said =)
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If Loki can turn into a horse and give birth to Sleipnir, this is no big deal. That's just how gods roll.

Adorable l'il fireball! (C'mon, with that parentage, how can she not be a fireball?)
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THIS IS JUST PERFECTION. Loki is a mommy already, but this little girl is the most pretty, I'm sure ♥
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LOL OF COURSE THOR'S THE DAD!!! Loki can change genders! (i just repeated what you said lol)
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This doesn't need to the mpreg. Loki could change his gender. Also he could change into salmon, flie bird and mare. As a mare he gave birth to Sleipnir.
It's just the version from the nordic mythology.
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This is so bizarre and yet it makes sense :XD:
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Its not that I hate it,but why is Loki always the mom :?
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Because of his origins and that's kinda Marvel fault too.

For once in the original myth laufey was Lokis mother and not his father.
And by now I think you never saw a female frost giant in the comics and that led people to believe that there is only one gender amoung frost giants in the Marvel univers.... One reason why Loki is always the mommy.

Another reason is Loki being mother is CANON! He once gave birth to a horse in the original myth.

Another reason is that Loki shapshifts and often into a woman in the conic....
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Does Thor and Loki little darling know her "Mommy" is a villan
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eheheheheh, who knows?
If the audiance of DA want it, then yes xD
As I said, I wish her to be our all official fandom child, that's why I also let you all decied her name^^
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Athena because she is the strongest of all the godess's even smarter then Zeus who as well as Thor is a thunder god.And just like Zeus Thor is kinda known to be a idiot.Hoply their little girl is smarter then him
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"Loki is a frost giant - frost giants are intersexed - they sire and carry, there are no genders among them."

Ooo, really? So interesting! =D
And hahaha, I've always seen Loki as a male who can be a mother.
Actually. Mother Loki is the best.
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I have already seen him as that too before I heared of the myths...
now I know that this is canon :XD:
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Because he is just perfect to mate with Thor or with some big guys of his kind (that'd be a weird view as he is a dwarf :lol:) :XD: And have babies.

And from where you know it if I can ask? Very interested =D
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Totally agree with you and DAMN I want to see the coupling with one of his kind :XD:

Well... he didn't gave birth as man to a child but he stil did gave birth.
Loki is the mother of the eight-legged horse Sleipnir if you didn't know - the one horse Odin rides xD

Thinking about it Marvel messed some stuff up :XD: - in the myth Laufey is Loki's mother and Queen, in the comics Laufey is the king of Jötunheimr and Lokis father while there is no source for who could be his mother *hint* *hint*
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I'll for sure draw him mating with one of his kind soon :XD: :XD: Though that'd hurt a lot.

Yes, I know, though I don't like the fem version of Loki.
I know the horse, still it doesn't fit with the movie - who was the one that Loki mated with to give birth to the horse then? :XD: And also he was very young, I think too young to be a "mother".
Pfff, it must be so painful to give birth to a horse, also the horse that has 8 legs! :XD:
I feel kinda sorry for Loki.

Argh, damn, I can't imagine Laufey as a mother :lol:
Though I think in the movie the father of Loki (or mother, if Laufey was his father) is just a random FG ;)
I would like to see loki have fenris's pups
Or jormungand's
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