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Avengers:: The net is an awesome place



Second time livestrem:


This time in one part - thank godness - but I chatted too often... the funny thing is, you can't see the chat window in the stream, so when I stop drawing I am typing in that stream~ :aww:

"Request" by :icondiliaren:
No.... she forced me!
She knew where you could buy Avengers stickers in our town but she only wanted to tell me if I draw her something in return! DX
Ah well, now I have my Avengers stickers *u*

The net is an awesome place
Why that title?
Well, in my screwed up fantasy world -lolz- Steve would try to understand the world a little better through the internet (you can read every shit after there...). He stumbles (probably) over tumblr and finds this nice pic of Tony and him and ....
You can imagine the rest xDDDDDDDDD
I have no clue why Tony visited him....
Maybe what the picture shows isn't so untrue?

I still ship TonyxPepper hardcore thought xD

Tony Stark & Steve Rogers © the movie Iron Man (1-3), Captain America, Avengers and Marvel
ART © =Pelissa

Also on tumblr: [link]

Don\'t steal or use without premission~
Seriously, don\'t post it on any site without premission of mine.
The pic is not suppossed to be on Zero-chan and pixiv!!! I have my own accounts on those pages: zero-chan: PeliShevi, pixiv: PelissaShieva
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