fascinating portraits.

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''Neticiet tam, ko saka acis. Viss, ko tās rāda, ir ierobežots.'' Ričards Bahs
- un ne vienmēr ko tās rāda ir tas labākais un skaistākais.

:thumb86762252: :thumb92729323: :thumb103486045: Name of the game by LittleFlair
:thumb105230298: Baby Blues by AStarAboveU hair ... by MoniqueDeCaro VIP by amHeArt Indian Summer 4 by Marciedip Hairs by rust2d Lara3 by korfez our moment now II by robinpika :thumb110704263: :thumb104618752: Dirty ankles by sifu STREET GIRL 1 by NeslihanBAZ :thumb109375084: Bangled by dzchiq :thumb113549325: laughter by lauafer :thumb89075461: Dreamin' You by godinc Girl with a bow by play-my-game :thumb87117422: :thumb113762328: cidos by fotografsokagi :thumb67056584: I'll Become Your Rain by Louisalings about longing by saint-isabela empty.temple by AllThatIsThirst .best friend. by Isaeva-me Lenses by LauraWixson Justine by matmoon :thumb112668320: oduvanchik by wasted-photos Don't Speak.. by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me portrait no.10791 by lococso Aqua 2 by janati whatever you think of me by wwwdotcom le beaute by glennprasetya gold ... by MoniqueDeCaro White Tulip 04 by protogeny take me away by wwwdotcom :thumb97396443: coiffure award prt2 by Olofwessels early by wwwdotcom :thumb69572317: :thumb74805732: :thumb100426400: sucre et secret by LadyFreeSoul Verunja by aprelka Valeria by fuckeymouse :thumb41693347: I Love You Half Of My Heart by Marciedip :thumb99456610: Elisha Cuthbert by kvdo :thumb110143643: Thinking About Forever by BlackOctober16 sleepwalker by mehmeturgut black is black by LittleFlair :thumb105319012: :thumb75578086: :thumb103927258: :thumb32308077: :thumb58007515: Natalie_1 by hellwoman Photoshop Action 5 by w1zzy-resources In cold light of mourning, by emeraldiris :thumb102756959: :thumb98753244: Golden by zemotion Rose Seduction by sunset-accident 053 by storyinaraindrop :thumb105227620: :thumb112447064: :thumb98021168: Self Portrait by FeedMink :thumb66347056: Lost In Her Thoughts by Aiae D e e p by BoraUludag Anna by zemotion Smoke, lips and cigaretes by vejitatoja Kelly Brook, fashion portrait by RSPphotography :thumb54671753: Fashion Shot - Veruzhka 04 by atila The Watcher by ZirTuan :thumb60777857: :thumb89202613: :thumb86221915: njaaTa by Paradoxa--Wonderland my blueberry nights by LadyFreeSoul freckles III by Sssssergiu forever young by Lucem :thumb96474567: Tell me your story by FurtiveLungs mind riot by bailey--elizabeth This love. by CaitlinWorthington :thumb98495313: Cold shoulder II by iNeedChemicalX .one. by TakeMyWorldApart Poison prince by iNeedChemicalX Late Night Smoke - June Id by lAliusl :thumb28964757: Talana by sim4nee smoke by Theredavenue Angel by kMoOg ange ou demon by jivotnoe Fela_2 by hellwoman :thumb47905536: rain. by lanimilbus-segassem :thumb71762573: Eggs and Orange Juice by losthigh My emotional breakdown by FurtiveLungs velvet by emilly L'Histoire de Mademoiselle by pamukcuceveyediprens :thumb88168131: You got that magic tuch by ChicChica Agata No. 25 by franekchrzonszcz :thumb90800084: Monika by hellwoman Dr Evil by ohyouhandsomeDevil tryumnjrt by wredna Doll by albertofoto rooftop2 by loveisaplasticshield Nest Louis Verdad - Neal Brown by CelestialStorms Emma by Fairystories Sorrows. by karlneo dare not I by JadeNguyen 07 by SOOO Galya 03 by sim4nee :thumb106270945: Felix Shot 1 by leo723 At First Glance. by JaquelineVanek Dubai dream by quemas :thumb104111889: expressions''''' by perikznc :thumb87392966: :thumb41813558: :+fav: by LadyMagenta :thumb67132002: Black princess .2 by kMoOg 1986: Two by walker1812 fly over by ThreeLibras Karo-lina_02 by hellwoman Three of kind by L2design :thumb96195817: Apathy by zevaazka B43 by willow32 89890 by Olifja 2456 by Olifja Can't wait to feel your rain by play-my-game halucynogennie by raineese helenka 2 by xyour Eye by herlittlesecret Peace on a rooftop by Toeps To Follow the Crimson Wave 2 by EvilxElf :thumb71947063: :thumb89934564: Broken by bedtimestorys :thumb94120212: .Monroe Wasn't Blonde. by Psychosomaticc effortless by Never-let-me-go Dreaming of you.. by Pinkmango77 :thumb38100575: Do. by AnBystrowska reverberation2 by xyour Lenka V. I by fotosensible Boys Don't Cry by EvilxElf :thumb48458798: Her Gaze by viamarie :thumb93130278: my julie . . . by mehmeturgut The vision by brightsoul :thumb47980353: arches by Pretty-As-A-Picture Bang Bang by manjascha mr.bars by studio69 :thumb107957743: The man behind the lens by hollowone fleur by o0tingeling0o Lady Cyclops 2 by protogeny 1940's by Never-let-me-go :thumb66019910: Clara 2 by altowiolistka :thumb96611077: Name of the game by vejitatoja :thumb106329071: The Look of Lori by ISPjsk83 K by vejitatoja stripes by torrini untitled403 by D3nde :thumb26133518: SIKA DESIGNS6 by dancingperfect Tight and trapped by reed-richards :thumb88534137: thoughts by Osnafotos Open the eyes by LonelyPierot cosmo by jr-photo 2009.11 by IIEE :thumb50831509: :thumb97487287: :thumb93469373: -- D e s p e r a t e -- by widjita Leviev1 by rust2d :thumb111301391: B and W intense by bekuhsibet :thumb68334896: Martin by memelsteak :thumb92927907: Rebecca the Red BW by DiabloAdvocati :thumb98876347: Ola 02 by mrartpl n 40 by metindemiralay poor innocent boys. by angelcurls :thumb109353466: slit of cloud by ThreeLibras A certain romance by capitainecroc :thumb68736798: Temptress by viamarie Mariana 03 by sim4nee masa by xyour Bronze Zooogar by afvoetomath :thumb90108038: :thumb96236715: only red by tenotti evelyn by prettybunny
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thank you! most kind :aww:
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tnx a lot, you're great!
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Thank you! Wonderful collection to be a part of..
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Thanks so much for including me in this.
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I love pictures of people's faces. They're so expressive. great collection :)
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This will help me progress as a model (studying poses and such) =) so thanks!
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Thanks for the feature :aww:
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Great collection, I love it.
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hei :D
thank you so much
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Great collection! :excited:
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thank you so much :iconballoonplz:

nice selection.
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Thank you so much for the feature, I'm really honoured ;) :heart:

I think, however, it might be a bit misplaced ^^;;;;; Seeing as it's a pencil drawing and not a photography?
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Thank you for adding me! :)
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thank you so much for adding my photos to this beautiful collection :heart:
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