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little horse babies

I started watching season 6 (I stopped watching mlp back in 2015) and I wanted to draw them ponies
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Dis is nice art
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This show sucks :-. Why do people like it
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Because My Little Pony
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why do you keep repeating the same thing on basically every single mlp art she's made?

so what if you don't like it? some people do. i respect your opinion, but we got the message. you don't have to keep repeating it..
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oh my god, I watch your art since 2012 and since 2014/2015 I tought you'll never come back to drawing ponies
and omg, such a surprise ;w; pure sweetness!
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awh thank you for the support all these years! :heart:
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thanks for the comment ^ ^
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They all look so adorable ^_^
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awwww! These are so precious looking! I love them! Great work! ^^
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thank you! ^ ^
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I love mlp❤❤❤
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thank you!! ^ ^
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BEautiful work.

Got to ask you the reason why you began to watch the show again. Just curious
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I'm planning to save up for a mlp convention or two so I wanted to catch up with the show (:
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My pleasure. Then I must warn you about something. Next Bronycon will be their LAST! You read right, they're stopping because of the constant decline of attendees over the years. It gone from 10k to 7k to 6k to 5k this year.

So... plan well. And I'm not just talking about the Hotel. And it will be 4 days by the way. Book it early.
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yup I know it's the last! (kind of the reason I got back into mlp haha)
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