Propinquity - A Jadzia Strange Story(flash fiction

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Propinquity - A Jadzia Strange Story   [inspired by episode 76 of "Yametry Run"]

By C.A.Brown

I never got to learn what "propinquity" meant. I've only heard it once, it was the punchline of a joke told by a man on a stall on the beach. He was selling badges, magnesium, plutonium, ice lollies and durian juice. But, yes, it was the punchline to a joke - "propinquity". And it was a really funny joke too because it caused his head to literally triple in size after he told it. The only problem was that this was the entire joke. He didn't bother telling the rest. Just "Propinquity" and lots of laughter.

Even Jinx was puzzled by this. He shuffled across my left shoulder and whispered 'It must be alternative comedy.'

I had to agree. I'd just come out here for a nice refreshing glass of durian juice and maybe an absinthe ice lolly too and the last thing I expected was, well, this. He said it again and his head shrunk slightly - now it was only twice as large as it should be.

Jinx asked if we should call a doctor, I shook my head. Most of the doctors around here got their doctorates in anything but medicine. Not to mention that they were also prone to raiding their own medicine cabinets too. No, a doctor would just make things stranger.

As I walked closer to the stall, he said it again and his head returned to its proper size. he got to his feet and smiled at me, I smiled back and asked him what was so funny. Big mistake. By the time he stopped laughing, his head was eight times as large as it should have been. Even Jinx was surprised by this.

Rolling my eyes, I ordered my durian juice and ice lolly. He smiled at me, or tried to, and got them for me. By now, his head had started to shrink slightly until I was foolish enough to ask Jinx what "Propinquity" meant. Before Jinx could answer me, no doubt with a memorised dictionary definition, he was drowned out by even more laughter. By now, the man's head had grown beyond all proportions.

I stepped back and offered Jinx a sip of my durian juice - he grimaced and spat it out muttering 'Jeez Jadzia, how the hell do you drink this stuff?'
'It's an acquired taste' I said.
'Like rabies' He muttered.

I shrugged, almost dislodging him from my shoulder, and drank some more of my juice. By now, the laughter was quieter and the man's head was only twelve times it's natural size. Finally, it returned to normal. I finished my juice and handed the glass back to him before asking about his head.

He looked puzzled for a second before replying 'Ah, yes, I've got something of an unusual sense of humour. Trust me, I've been banned from every comedy club on the island. The fact that I live in the comedy district is rather ironic, considering the prop....'

Over the laughter, I sighed and shook my head. Jinx did the same.
"Propinquity - A Jadzia Strange Story (flash fiction)"

This story is based on the first panel of episode 76 of "Yametry Run" [link] The events of this story were also inspired by the fact that I remembered that the guy behind the stall in episode 76 had an unusually large head and this ended up forming the main theme of the story.

I don't know, as with my other Jadzia Strange story ( "Portry" [link] ), this story doesn't make a huge amount of sense - but given that it meant to be a scene from a surreal and bizarre TV show, this is probably a good thing LOL!!!!

For reference, a durien is a rather random type of fruit which I read about a couple of months ago - apparently it is covered in sharp spines and smells absolutely vile but apparently, according to Wikipedia, it tastes quite nice despite this.

Also, the word "propinquity" means "nearness/ c loseness"
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