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Surt Fire Jotunn


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Even at the gates of Hel


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Katakana Practice

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Surt Fire Jotunn

Fantasy, North

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Comparing Aesir and Vanir

Fantasy, other

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Grokcomic Font


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Defying the unfair Hoofs Ban

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The Poetic Mead - part 3

The giant Baugi tried to kill Oden as Oden in the shape of a snake crawled thru a drill hole. Oden was however too fast for Baugi. Oden came out of the drill hole into a room in the center of the mountain before the drill could catch him. Inside the mountain, Suttungs daughter Gunnlöd guarded the mead. She was a terrifying warrior. No man could defeat her in battle. Most people think of Oden as an old man with deep wrinkles and a big grey beard. When Oden was a young man he was tall, blond and quite handsome. He also had that dangerous bad boy look that many females finds so attractive. That was the way Oden looked when he came into t


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Untitled Drawing

Muro paintings

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