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Puzzles in Defenders of Adacan

By PeKj
Most puzzles, minigame, in Wip game Defenders of Adacan.

All in place, almost in finished version.

Taking the opportunity to upload this before my core runs out and I lose the ability to post movies (except swf) :)
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This looks fascinating. The user controls seemed a bit clumsy in the block moving game, it would be better if it was drag and drop so that the player wouldn't have to click twice to move a block all the way down when most users wouldn't even consider leaving it halfway in between. Are there any situations where a block is not moved until it collides with another block and instead is left halfway between two blocks?
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The block slider controls are not optimal, I have to admit, but weighing pro and cons this came out as a a good enough solution.

This is a pretty big game by my standards and I need to cut some corners to make it to a complete game. Still a lot of ground to cover. :)
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Certainly seems pretty ambitious by the looks of it! It's good if you're able to make compromises to get it finished. I suck at making compromises so I rarely ever finish anything. I'm currently planning to make a catch falling objects game in javascript, but I'm not sure if I'll even be able to finish that.
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javascript + html5 might be worth looking into.