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Ishya Powerwalk

By PeKj
Game character animation
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She walks like the Joker: badass and frothy at the same time.

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Ah, Joaquin Phoenix's version of the Joker. I've actually not gotten around to watch that movie yet.

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That's the intention.
And most of the time that is what I see...


... sometimes she looks like a happy girl skipping along to the latest hit song :D

A bit like those image that looks like a pelican or a rabbit depending how you look at it.
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Well, now that you mention it...

Reminds me of one of those GIFs of a dancing person where the dancing matches almost any song!
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I did not know that was a thing. That might be due to me have two left feet when it comes to dancing. :D
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Well, it's kind of an old meme, but the oldest example is probably this dancing baby.
Try playing just about any song while looking at the GIF and see how well it lines up! :)
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I recognize that one. It's from Ally McBeal, isn't it?
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I found it online, it's pretty widespread. :shrug:
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The dancing baby was a metaphor for Ally McBeal's fear that the biological clock was running out on her. (I think)
There was a lot of strange musical numbers (with hit songs of the day) in that show. Was a lot of fun as I remember it.

So the animation probably was made to work with a lot of music. I don't think they did Hooked on a feeling every time, or maybe they did.
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