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BF - TIME WAR 1 (New Logo Version)

Thought I'd whack this together for those (like me) who are a bit OCD when it comes to covers.
The cover art for TIME WAR 2 was released this week sporting the brand new DW logo (and a very good cover it is too!)

Unfortunately, the change got me all in a tizz re the first one which has the old logo on it ....... so had to go and change the old one to match or I'd implode (I'm like that!) 
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Brilliant! Thanks for doing this. Great work. You beat me to it! 😀
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I’m sure there will be an abundance....
i just wanted to do this one so my iTunes looks tidy! LOL

Might visit some others occasionally..... but certainly not the whole lot
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Been wondering how long it would be until people started turning the old covers into the new setup...