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Read for me, Iruma

By Pegius
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Ameri is BEST GIRL! Now she is biggest girl! I love everything about this pic.

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I dream of this O.O

Fuck, Pegius is the 21th Century Da

Vinci for me >.>

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He better do it.

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Better not keep her waiting, unless you wanna be beaten to a pulp!

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Maybe I am, maybe I’m not, but I will make it a yes.
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I knoq! I have been dying for a muscle version of this babe!
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Iruma kun doesn't need to worry! He has that evasion ability that makes him hard to reach anyhow! Doesn't matter how powerful Ameri is! :P 
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Really, ok, I will read for you.
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Oh man, 2 Pegius pieces in one day?! Nooooo now we'll have to wait *checks calendar* 9 months for more from you! 

: P
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I have another one ready but I will post it in November to not disappoint
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I'm surprised you're not more active. It looks like you keep up with your drawing since you're not getting worse...are you posting somewhere else? Got an alt account with a different art subject or something?
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No, I post stuff only as Pegius, mostly here or on pixiv
I never post commissions though, but some of them are online anyway
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Awesome, she comes off real menacing, I like that a lot :XD:
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Cute and gorgeous.🤩 I love her veins crawling on her arms ripped with huge muscles.

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Looks like she found other kinds of manga.
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Very nice! :D I love how massive she is here! :iconnosebleedplz:
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