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Pitch Clap Icon

Gave it a slower clapping speed to imitate sarcasm.

This clap icon is a birthday present for Pimander1446! Happy Birthday!~

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
Pitch (c) Pimander1446
Base by TariToons (
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Uoh cool thanks a lot!!! I love to collect a lot of pitch icons to use ^^ Thanks so much! Its awesome ^^
For it to be used, it should be in Chat Friendly - Animated  option ^^U I cannot use it on the comments >.<
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You're very welcome!

But what do you mean about the chat friendly thing? Can't you just copy the thumb code? ^^
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Errr.... I don't use thumb code when using emoticons XD cause then i would have to go search for it in another page... and for that i better not use it xD

There is a way to make the icon be an emoticon at deviantart, so that it appears on the MEDIA list, when you write a comment.

For that you need to submit the icon in a special classification - Deviantart - Chat friendly Emotes -(size)  - Animated

You sent this one into - "Digital art - Animation"
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Oh, okay then. I'll do that. Thanks for letting me know!
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If its too complex or doesn't work, i can always turn it into an emoticon myself ^^U Though i would have to submit the piece myself ><
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It's fine. I think I've done it now. Thanks for the help. ^^
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^^Pitch Clap Icon Pitch Clap Icon 
Yeps! It works! It appear on the emoticons! Thanks so much! Im sure people will love using it ^^
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You're very welcome! ^^
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