Ruby Child pt. 1

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nurse: *pulls out baby MK* congratulations, it's a girl, what would you name her?
MK mom: look at her gorgeous eyes, shiny as a jewel
MK dad: no, not a jewel, something more than that, let's call her...
MK mom: i will name her... ruby
MK dad: ruby, hello ruby
baby MK: *giggles happily*
*at home*
baby MK: *accidentally knocks over trash can* uh oh!
MK mom: oh, ruby... *cleans it up and looks at husband* she keeps knocking over things and making a mess
MK dad: yeah, and it's starting to get muddy right? *baby MK looks at them*
(years later)
teacher: ok class here's thanks to many great lessons have a great summer and i'll see you next year
*the class leave and meet their parents*
Young MK: mommy daddy school is over *runs to hug parents*
MK mom: and you were a very good girl this year, so we should reward you
MK dad: yeah, let's probably go to...
Young MK: the park?
*her parents look at each other*
MK mom: she'll get lost in a public place, always wandering around every recess at school and other public places we go to
Young MK: it's ok mommy i promise i'll look for you
MK dad: listen honey, we don't want you to get lost
Young MK: please? *shows puppy eyes*
*they look at each other again*
MK mom: ok if you promise to stay near us we can go
Young MK: yay!
*a few days later they drive to the park and walk out of the car*
MK dad: it's a lot of people isn't it?
Young MK: yes *feels nervous*
MK mom: it's easy to get lost, so stay close to us *her phone vibrates* oh, I'll better answer that. Ok my little ruby child remember, don't go anywhere far from us or we'll lose you
Young MK: Ok mommy
MK mom: *answers call* hello? Oh, we're doing fine...
MK dad: Remember what your mommy just said, we don't want to lose you, because you're our only muddy kiddy *hugs MK*
Young MK: *hugs him back* i love you too daddy *separates the hug and sees a blimp flying in the sky* oh cool i want to explore the world when i grow up, where is it leading to? *follows the blimp until she no longer sees it, she looks around and doesn't see her parents anywhere* mommy, daddy... *looks around for anyone to help her and it gets foggy* hello? *keeps calling* hello??? *sees someone in the fog* i need help... *gets put in a sag by the person* AUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH HELP ME *hears a voice*
voice outside bag: come on let's go home
Young MK: MOMMY DADDY HELP... *hears a car drive away* help...
voice: quiet kid...
*a few hours later the car stops*
Young MK: YOU STUPID IDIOT DRIVE ME BACK TO MY PARENTS RIGHT NOW *crying and kicking the bag, she then falls to some floor and sees a strange man looking at her, she tries to hit him* YOU KIDNAP ME AND YOU-
strange man: calm down
Young MK: *crying* mommy, daddy...
strange man: I promise I'll take you back to your parents soon
Young MK: r-really?
strange man: I don't know yet, probably, why don't you take a look around here
Young MK: *goes to a room and sees pictures of the strange man's family, tears running down her cheeks, suddenly she hears something fall down to her neck* what is this? *feels something strange inside her body and teleports outside the room and back in*
strange man: hey, why don't you come over here and have some supper, you must be hungry after the ride here
Young MK: *walks to him, still crying* i want to go home...
strange man: i know you miss your parents very much, i just mentioned earlier that i'll take you back to them if i know where you live, and by the way, why are you wearing that? *points to necklace*
Young MK: i didn't mean to... i... something dropped down to my neck in a room... a-and a second later i found myself outsi- *teleports next to the strange man*
strange man: you see kid... *holds the necklace* this thing is cursed, you know that? and do you know how it got like this? it belonged to my ex-wife until she left me. i first got it for her a week after the day we first met, it was so expensive. after we got married, the necklace started acting weird, then i remember, right after i left the store after buying the necklace, i got home and accidentally dropped it in my mother's stove and it caught on flames. i threw water on the stove to put the fire out, and then the necklace started glowing, which is probably what happened to it
Young MK: did your wife teleport to random places in one second?
strange man: i don't remember... now why don't you sit over there and eat your supper? i'll tell you more while we're eating
Young MK: *obeys*
strange man: maybe she did have those powers you just had in the room, which is probably why she left me. i don't think i can handle that thing anymore, so i guess you keep it
Young MK: um, no... *tries to take it off but teleports on top of the table and gets down* sorry... it's... *teleports on top of the ceiling and something falls on the strange man*
strange man: oww...
Young MK: *touches him and sees something glowing* what the?
strange man: i'm okay... it actually didn't even hurt at all *laughs*
Young MK: *looks at her hands* i have powers? *goes back to her chair*
strange man: after we finish eating i'm gonna show you something, i also got lost from my family once, and maybe tomorrow or next week or whatever, i'm gonna find where you live and you'll be back with your family
*minutes pass and they finish eating*
strange man: alright follow me
Young MK: *follows*
*they walk to a room*
strange man: *he opens a drawer* i probably have it here... where are you... ahh, here you are *takes a photo book out and shows it to MK* i had a much better life here than now, you see *opens it and shows a picture of him and his family at a park* i really enjoyed being in that park, until one day i got lost from my family. it took at least two weeks for my family to get me back. i was sad at first, but then a police officer found me and took me back home, and maybe the same thing could happen to you if you're lucky. *shows her another photo* my family loved me very much, look, i'm in my mother's arms *notices MK crying* i know kid, it's so sad being lost from family, if i can't find where you live hopefully... do you know your home phone number?
Young MK: *thinks a long time* i... no.
strange man: i'll think about what i can do to return you and it'll take days. now, it's getting late like 11, i'll let you sleep here *opens a door* why don't you sleep on this bed here, i know it's tough being separated from family
Young MK: *lays down on the bed crying*
strange man: *slowly puts a hand on her head* i'll return you soon, stop crying
Young MK: r-really?
strange man: i don't know, but you'll return soon, i promise. *kisses her forehead* good night
Young MK: good night... *falls asleep crying*
--years went by and MK and the strange man still didn't find where she lived. MK was very sad to be separated from her parents for the worst years of her life with the strange man, unsuccessfully finding ways to bring her back to her parents. so one day...--
MK: hey, are you going to-
strange man: i have tried many times, kid. i still couldn't find where you live...
MK: you couldn't?
strange man: no... but you'll return to them soon
MK: listen, you keep on saying that you'll return me to my parents but you always failed. i cannot live in this house anymo-*cut off*
strange man: i'll keep you until i find a way to return you
MK: and it will take years for you to, like the past years you tried to return me and you fail, and besides i don't want to live here anymore, now let me go home myself! *the man tries to grab her but she lets go and runs out the door far from the house* *she runs very far until she can't see him anymore* mom, dad? *hides behind something* i'll wait here until they come find me here...
*days pass without food or anything and it doesn't happen*
MK: *lies down on the ground crying* they'll never find me... it seems like they don't care about me anymore... *she keeps walking far and crying as it starts raining, she is now walking towards somewhere she doesn't know if it leads to her parents while shivering in the cold and getting soaked everywhere in the rain* *minutes later she looks up* is that my house? *smiles a bit and knocks on the door, but nobody answers* mom, dad, open up it's your ruby child fro-
voice behind MK: they moved away.
MK: w-what?
voice: they're gone. they already sold this house last year.
MK: where are they now? *turns around*
man: i don't know where they went. i only know they moved from this neighborhood
man: please calm down-
*there is a car driving into the neighborhood and the strange man steps out*
strange man: i was looking all over for you so i could-
MK: no. leave me alone. i can find them myself. besides this is my house where i lived when i was young. besides, *points to the other guy* he said they moved but they can't move away without their daughter
man: i-actually i don't know if they moved or not, maybe they're out for something or they moved? i don't live in this neighborhood, i'm just taking a walk around the city and i like to tell jokes, let me tell you one, a little boy asks his mother what color pears are, and she answers green, and he says, "whoops, i swallowed a lightbulb!" *chuckles* hey girl, are you laughing?
MK: *glares at him without laughing or smiling* look, i have no time for any jokes right now, okay?
man: ok sorry *hangs head down* anyways i don't know where they went, all i can say is that they're currently not here or they moved or they're just not here anymo-*gets cut off*
strange man: probably. or if i think they moved, then it's much too bad for the girl. *looks at MK* let's go back to the house, come on *grabs MK to the car and drives away*

(meanwhile in the police station)
MK mom: *crying* she was our only child, and now we lost her
police officer: so you lost her in the park, now you still haven't found her for years?
MK dad: *shows police officer a picture of her* she looked like this but years passed by and she probably grown up and is somewhere... but we don't know now
police officer: i see. we'll try to look for the girl, and we'll try the best we can do.
MK mom: thank you so much. *still crying*
MK dad: it's okay honey, she'll be back to us soon
*they continue talking with the police officer as the strange man drives the car with MK past the police station with her parents*

-to be continued
anyways u see my previous status update it said a fanfic was coming and here it is ^^ hope u guys like
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*sigh* i don't know if it's appropriate to post here but...

alright some commentary on the first part:

so apart from her tilting the trash over, another reason why her parents called her "muddy" was because her father at that time started his job in a garbage facility, so he gave her a slightly more positive word than "dirty"

also... when liam (i decided to give the strange man a name) told ruby that his wife left her, she actually passed away long ago. liam was scared to tell the child that she died so he actually told her a different story.

as you can see as that necklace is placed on someone's neck it stays in their neck for life.

...that means it can only be taken off if they die

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