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stop drama by PegaKid2012 stop drama :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 0 5 collar of doom animation by PegaKid2012 collar of doom animation :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 2 2
Ruby Child 2 pt. 2
*next day*
amelia: hop in ruby *mk jumps in the plane* off we go *starts up* well great to see you starting to explore miss kid
MK: yeah i'm excited too
*all the flying machines go to the mayor*
mayor: we announce our blimp race blah blah blah... the winner gets this shiny medallion *it hangs from his balloon and everyone looks at it*
female voice: this winged kid would never get that gold.
MK: huh? *looks next to her and sees a girl controlling a plane* hey, i was recruited by aliens, it took a lot of challenges, obviously. *flap her wing* ow... i still can't fly.
girl: oh really. what a silly story, kids are funny.
mayor: on your mark...
ted: come on girl
amelia: hey massive turtle, you're not feeling any nervous, are you.
MT: nope, not at all. good luck on your scary adventure across the sky, kid.
nigel: alright, we're going to approach ruby, and when i say go, throw the wrench
red: yes sir
mayor: get set...
MK: get ready for this *keep her eyes focused*
mayor: GO!!! *ra
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 3 1
#showyourheart by PegaKid2012 #showyourheart :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 10 1 ask ruby anything by PegaKid2012 ask ruby anything :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 8 18 crayola 100 colors challenge adoptables 5 pts eac by PegaKid2012 crayola 100 colors challenge adoptables 5 pts eac :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 14 9
Ruby Child 2 Pt. 1
MK: *looks at blimp race ticket* i just can't wait to get started for this. this is the best part of my life yet!
ted: yeah, yeah. it's not gonna be so easy, isn't it.
MK: well, at least i know how to fight them off, i've seen the view from down below, man, it's gonna be amazing.
ted: i know, i know, and i'm gonna be in the audience watching you cross that finish line.
MK: *gets things ready* wait till i become like you, dearest uncle bruno...
ted: *watches mk pack her stuff excitedly* hm, *points to her* born a kid, she's muddy kid. maybe two must be better than one flying in the sky? *hears the tv turn on from the living room*
crusoe: *in tv* i've been livin' a long time in my little monkey village blah blah blah... *talks more about his island on the screen*
mk dad: *watching tv* i like that guy.
ted: *looks at screen and listens to crusoe* hmm, maybe this could be convenient if she needs any help. those monkeys sure are clever.
*in lair*
nigel: *looks through mk's necklace camera*
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 6 1
nigel canine by PegaKid2012 nigel canine :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 12 0 dark side by PegaKid2012 dark side :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 7 2 puppy eyes by PegaKid2012 puppy eyes :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 12 2
Ruby Child Finale
*after finally reaching the home planet*
MK: *walks slowly to house* um...
ted: i don't know anything about your parents, just open the door.
MK: i know, but what are they gonna say about this? they, you know, my dad's gonna yell at me.
ted: just open it.
*tears run down mk's face when she scratches on the door, footsteps are heard*
MK: *backs off* forgive me...
*her mother is at the door, she gets shocked and hugs mk tight*
MK mom: how could you have run away from us...
MK: i'm sorry mom, that was part of me.
MK mom: i know that from years ago, child.
MK: and where's dad?
MK mom: yes, go talk to him. i've been trying to help him when we lost you.
*MK quietly opens the door and sees him sitting on the bed*
MK dad: this is all my fault, i was too hard on her and made my own daughter a failure.
MK: *hears him* dad, i don't want to make you angry again, but-
MK dad: no, i'm sorry.
MK: really?
MK dad: we've been protecting you over the years ever since you were born,
MK: i wanted to be lik
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 2 0
collab: silver heart + muddy kid fusion by PegaKid2012 collab: silver heart + muddy kid fusion :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 13 0 baspider by PegaKid2012 baspider :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 7 2 snail adoptables 20 pts each(open) by PegaKid2012 snail adoptables 20 pts each(open) :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 5 12 pet rock adoptables 20 pts each (open) by PegaKid2012 pet rock adoptables 20 pts each (open) :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 3 1
Ruby Child Pt. 9
*when they walk far in the planet they hear screaming*
MK: not again.
*they sneak through a building*
ted: it's him.
SR: i'll distract them.*hops from hiding place with a gun* STICK 'EM UP!!!
*a dog destroys the gun and mk teleports in front of them*
nigel: hey, what's going on? you look perfect today, baby.
MK: well, you too, but not your plan.
eva: hey boys, you know how to protect us, right? *looks at humans* here are some nice guys to make you look better.
strange man: not anymore. you all are going down.
nigel: ha, thank you, sir.
MK: alright guys, remember what i said. use everything you have to fight back.
nigel: fight me? fight them. *shouts at dogs* GO GET THEM!!!
*the dogs start attacking them but mk also orders the humans to fight*
*dogs encounter fb*
dog: she looks very cowardly, let's inject her.
FB: see ya! *runs very fast and uses her martial arts skills to fight the dogs*
dogs: where is she? *feels something trapping them*
FB: you gotta know i'm like a ninja, enjoy your
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 5 3


Stuprum - Part 2 by Cookie-Dough-Is-Good Stuprum - Part 2 :iconcookie-dough-is-good:Cookie-Dough-Is-Good 8 44 a whole new world 2019 by Meganf123456 a whole new world 2019 :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 5 0 Ask away! (Read description first) by MagicLightning124 Ask away! (Read description first) :iconmagiclightning124:MagicLightning124 2 13 maybe well met again by Meganf123456 maybe well met again :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 5 0 stuprum by Cookie-Dough-Is-Good stuprum :iconcookie-dough-is-good:Cookie-Dough-Is-Good 10 17 Super Saiyan Nugget by TGDannySama Super Saiyan Nugget :icontgdannysama:TGDannySama 3 6 creepy brain in human form 2019 redraw by Meganf123456 creepy brain in human form 2019 redraw :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 3 0
tagged questions
wow I have not done one of these in years I did a few on my wattpad but anyways I was tagged by iHateFridays 
1. What's your least favourite food?
mac and cheese (there a reason why but im not going to bore you all with sob story or this story just omg) 
2. What do you think of Eclipse?
idk I does not come up for me 
3. What's your favourite drawing you've made?
idk maybe this one  
4. What's your favourite TV show/cartoon/video game/etc?
my favorite show is the 7d a candled show that not a lot of people didn’t like  and my favorite game poptropica 
5. Do you make more fanart or original stuff?
6. Do you think the world would be better if Tik Tok was removed from existence?
I don't know or care I don't use it or watch it 
7. Do you think Sans Undertale is overrated?
8. What's your favourite holiday? (Easter, Christmas, etc)
9. Do you have a YouTube channel, and if you do, do you post vi
:iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 3 3
Outfit Request #1 by CrazyPaintbrush Outfit Request #1 :iconcrazypaintbrush:CrazyPaintbrush 16 2
I've made my decision
I am planning to take action onto Mallory, even though I am pretty nervous to go to my local police station. Someone needs to take action. If anyone has more proof of her disgusting actions speak now with proof. I am going to create a portfolio with all the terrible stuff she has done. I'm glad I have my hands on this account cause I will let the police go through her notes for further proof. Enough is enough and Mallory thinks I am playing a "game" with her. You wanna play a game? Have fun with your life in prison sicko. I hope you love being in prison, locked up and alone... you liar... you sicko.. you should of changed when I gave you the chance.
:iconsave-her:Save-Her 2 6
It's time for giveaway! Hope you like & good luck!
I've made a lot giveaways and all of them worked very well. Then, I'll use the same simple system.
Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] HOW TO JOIN:  
1. You must be watching me
2. You must favourite this journal
3. Post a journal on your profile, talking about and publicizing this giveaway (required)
4. After doing this 3 steps, you're already competing this giveaway!
Very simple & easy!
Llama-Emoji-13 (I'm Pretty) [V1] HOW WILL I CHOOSE THE WINNER?

1. I will use to pick a random number
2. I will see who faved this journal:
3. "clicking in (who?) there will be numbered list of deviants who fav'd this journal. Each one has a number.
If your number matches the number sorted by, you win!
4. There will be a video to proof the legit resul
:icon100millionpoints:100millionPOINTS 576 443
partners by Meganf123456 partners :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 4 0 morgan miller (booted bandit or hyper brain) by Meganf123456 morgan miller (booted bandit or hyper brain) :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 6 0
old drawing
I woke up this morning a thought to myself 
you know what would be a great ides showing you guys a very bad old picture I made when I first start out with Digital art
this was my first picture 
:iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 1 0
my innocence by Meganf123456 my innocence :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 5 0 Snowcap Hummingbird - Paper cut bird by NVillustration Snowcap Hummingbird - Paper cut bird :iconnvillustration:NVillustration 639 23





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


are you fucking kidding, dora live action movie?
95 deviations
everyone block and report this pedo Stuprum
he made nsfw art of my friends' ocs and my oc muddy kid who is underaged/sensitive
stop drama
MaceyWitchHunter originally made this petition and i'm signing it
credit to all those who signed it
welp the cunt is back, block and report TomboyFucker immediately
everyone block and report :iconthebiggestartist:
he make hate art of my friends for no reason
report him

EDIT: and block him as well so he won't steal your art

  • Listening to: bts
  • Playing: with my hair
  • Eating: your soul
i mean when report the group i mean block and report everyone who joined the group (except UnTrustaMann)
March Icon Raffle (OPEN) by geotalon


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I will accept your art request unless you request for anything NSFW.
Also if you like to threaten my friends or my artwork for no reason you can get the fuck out of my goddamn profile.

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pet rock adoptables 20 pts each (open) by PegaKid2012
snail adoptables 20 pts each(open) by PegaKid2012
crayola 100 colors challenge adoptables 5 pts eac by PegaKid2012
adoptable rules:
you may:
:bulletgreen: use them as your oc/give them names/genders
:bulletgreen: make small changes to them but pls make them recognizable
:bulletgreen: give them any accessories
:bulletgreen: give them any backstory
:bulletgreen: use them outside dA
you may not:
:bulletred: resell it for more points
:bulletred: claim the design as your own

mk/ruby's q&a and <--accepting asks through both dA and tumblr.
will accept
:bulletgreen: magic anons
:bulletgreen: plots

will not accept
:bulletred: nsfw questions
:bulletred: do not spam the inbox (typing the same thing over and over again in the ask box and sending it) i will delete the extra ones sent

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