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crayola 100 colors challenge adoptables 10 pts eac by PegaKid2012 crayola 100 colors challenge adoptables 10 pts eac :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 1 3
Ruby Child 2 Pt. 1
MK: *looks at blimp race ticket* i just can't wait to get started for this. this is the best part of my life yet!
ted: yeah, yeah. it's not gonna be so easy, isn't it.
MK: well, at least i know how to fight them off, i've seen the view from down below, man, it's gonna be amazing.
ted: i know, i know, and i'm gonna be in the audience watching you cross that finish line.
MK: *gets things ready* wait till i become like you, dearest uncle bruno...
ted: *watches mk pack her stuff excitedly* hm, *points to her* born a kid, she's muddy kid. maybe two must be better than one flying in the sky? *hears the tv turn on from the living room*
crusoe: *in tv* i've been livin' a long time in my little monkey village blah blah blah... *talks more about his island on the screen*
mk dad: *watching tv* i like that guy.
ted: *looks at screen and listens to crusoe* hmm, maybe this could be convenient if she needs any help. those monkeys sure are clever.
*in lair*
nigel: *looks through mk's necklace camera*
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 4 1
nigel canine by PegaKid2012 nigel canine :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 7 0 dark side by PegaKid2012 dark side :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 4 2 puppy eyes by PegaKid2012 puppy eyes :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 5 1
Ruby Child Finale
*after finally reaching the home planet*
MK: *walks slowly to house* um...
ted: i don't know anything about your parents, just open the door.
MK: i know, but what are they gonna say about this? they, you know, my dad's gonna yell at me.
ted: just open it.
*tears run down mk's face when she scratches on the door, footsteps are heard*
MK: *backs off* forgive me...
*her mother is at the door, she gets shocked and hugs mk tight*
MK mom: how could you have run away from us...
MK: i'm sorry mom, that was part of me.
MK mom: i know that from years ago, child.
MK: and where's dad?
MK mom: yes, go talk to him. i've been trying to help him when we lost you.
*MK quietly opens the door and sees him sitting on the bed*
MK dad: this is all my fault, i was too hard on her and made my own daughter a failure.
MK: *hears him* dad, i don't want to make you angry again, but-
MK dad: no, i'm sorry.
MK: really?
MK dad: we've been protecting you over the years ever since you were born,
MK: i wanted to be lik
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 1 0
collab: silver heart + muddy kid fusion by PegaKid2012 collab: silver heart + muddy kid fusion :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 8 0 baspider by PegaKid2012 baspider :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 6 2 snail adoptables 20 pts each(open) by PegaKid2012 snail adoptables 20 pts each(open) :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 3 10 pet rock adoptables 20 pts each (open) by PegaKid2012 pet rock adoptables 20 pts each (open) :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 3 1
Ruby Child Pt. 9
*when they walk far in the planet they hear screaming*
MK: not again.
*they sneak through a building*
ted: it's him.
SR: i'll distract them.*hops from hiding place with a gun* STICK 'EM UP!!!
*a dog destroys the gun and mk teleports in front of them*
nigel: hey, what's going on? you look perfect today, baby.
MK: well, you too, but not your plan.
eva: hey boys, you know how to protect us, right? *looks at humans* here are some nice guys to make you look better.
strange man: not anymore. you all are going down.
nigel: ha, thank you, sir.
MK: alright guys, remember what i said. use everything you have to fight back.
nigel: fight me? fight them. *shouts at dogs* GO GET THEM!!!
*the dogs start attacking them but mk also orders the humans to fight*
*dogs encounter fb*
dog: she looks very cowardly, let's inject her.
FB: see ya! *runs very fast and uses her martial arts skills to fight the dogs*
dogs: where is she? *feels something trapping them*
FB: you gotta know i'm like a ninja, enjoy your
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 4 3
Ruby Child Outtakes Pt. 1
pega: alright guys, let's do this.
CL: you ok? *tries to put a hand on her but she moves away* oh well i guess she doesn't like me because of- *cut off*
MK: *reading script* no, i have something in my life i was nervous about, but i don't want to talk about it right-
pega: *runs to her* ruby stop, you're holding the script, you should have memorized that line! *bursts out laughing*
CL: *starts chuckling* you mean memorize it more?
MK: why am i so, a kid like this, even in real life? *laughs with them* can we try that again?
*audience laughs*
pega: next.
police officer: i'm just going to find who's gonna spread evil across the world so it'll be safe in the future, and then i'm gonna return you back to your parents when i see them, okay? we'll try the best we can do.
MK: ok *leaves the building*
*the police officer takes his cap off, revealing ted instead of nigel*
pega: what is going on...
ted: um...
pega: it says nigel on the script, not you.
ted: wait, wha-*laughs with audience* that'
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 2 1
Ruby Child Pt. 8
ted: *wakes up in the cell* what is this? we're all locked up, guys. don't you have any plans to escape?
CL: *bangs the bars with his sword* i can't even break through, this metal is quite strong.
SR: *pulls out the laser pen from spy*
FF: that will not work either.
SR: oh come on, this should wo-*it doesn't* you're right.
strange man: *in another cell, he bangs the wall*
ted: hey, do you have any escape plan?
strange man: i hope there's a vent in your cell.
ted: are you crazy? it's too small for us to fit in!
strange man: open it.
FF: yeah, muddy opened one in a cell we were in, but either i'm not in that cell or the guards fixed it. and that screwdriver isn't there.
strange man: by the way, congratulations on your position on the blog, flyer.
FF: thank you, man! anyways, what can we do with this?
ted: why don't you think of something?
FF: i don't think any of my items would work.
ted: we're trapped!
ted: i guess we're
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 4 0
Ruby Child Pt. 7
*nigel takes MK and eva to his home*
MK: it feels awfully warm in here, we will live here forever after tomorrow and on, right?
nigel: yes, my love. tomorrow's the big night, so i would like you to come with me to prepare.
eva: in case something goes wrong, i'm going to make a few potions if some intruders come in the wedding and try to ruin it.
MK: it's going to be the best day ever!
nigel: agreed.
*back in earth*
strange man: no, my house! it's all...
ted: don't worry man, you'll get it back.
*sr appears looking worried*
ted: well, good thing you survived this.
SR: what happened to the kid? i thought she was going to protect us and she should be with us right now.
ted: she's with nigel, unfortunately. i saw her get taken to his ship. i wonder how we could get to the jungle planet before she gets brainwashed.
SR: you see, i used to be a phb author, and you all can hop on my blimp, all set for astro knights, then we can go to the jungle planet.
ted: sweet. and as for me, when we get to
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 1 0
Ruby Child Pt. 6
MK: fine. if you don't want me anymore i can just try to survive on my own. *walks farther to somewhere near the bay* i guess i'll have to-*cut off by someone getting out of the water* well, i don't care abo-*looks around and sees sr* i thought you got injected. and what about the rest of the staff?
SR: i can't be with them anymore. you see i've just retired from the company.
MK: yeah, time passes. i guess this story had to change because of this, hope it's not ruined. and what happened, why did you fall in the water?
SR: there was a arctic wolf chasing me, it was very angry.
MK: well, what did you do to it? i hope you weren't trying to disturb wildlife.
SR: *looks behind him and sees the wolf swimming across the bay, almost to them* if you'd excuse me, i've got to go... *runs away*
MK: well, it's nice meeting y-AUGH!!! *wolf gets out of the water and pounces on her* HELP ME!!!
*the wolf morphs into a guy with a surfer suit*
MK: what the?
surfer: *looks at sr* i thought i saw you messi
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 1 3
Ruby Child Pt. 5
*MK is still unconscious, although she hears beeps from hospital and a mattress underneath her*
MK: *opens eyes* uh... what happened...w-where am i... a hospital... *sits up and looks at her arms, they are all bandaged up and she can't feel her leg* that should have killed me back then... *looks around* this is the same hospital where i was born *tears start coming from her eyes* i wish mom and dad were with me right now. i really need them. *her head bows down and she starts crying in sadness and guilt, hears CL's voice* mom, dad, please come back... i miss you, and i'm your only ruby child... uncle, i'm sorry for not protecting you from nigel... *hears CL and nurse's voice*
*outside the hospital room*
CL: is muddy kid going to be okay? i've been waiting for a while. found her injured and bleeding somewhere under the earth. called emergency. she needs to be alive.
nurse: i got it, she seems to have a major bone injury on the wing, so she will not be able to fly. *walks into the room*
:iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 1 0


Another fan villain Francia the fangirl by MagicLightning124 Another fan villain Francia the fangirl :iconmagiclightning124:MagicLightning124 13 11 Motion Test by ANNE14TCO Motion Test :iconanne14tco:ANNE14TCO 9 11 B O O M by ANNE14TCO B O O M :iconanne14tco:ANNE14TCO 8 10 Disorient Back by PoneBooth Disorient Back :iconponebooth:PoneBooth 81 12 Vanilla Sketchdump by PoneBooth
Mature content
Vanilla Sketchdump :iconponebooth:PoneBooth 104 12
Blaze Sketchdump by PoneBooth
Mature content
Blaze Sketchdump :iconponebooth:PoneBooth 84 10
Schooltime Sisters by PoneBooth Schooltime Sisters :iconponebooth:PoneBooth 43 2 AC Pixel Kittyboo by Runelocks AC Pixel Kittyboo :iconrunelocks:Runelocks 14 0 Here, have a doggo by Runelocks Here, have a doggo :iconrunelocks:Runelocks 29 1 MarienAushi YCH by Runelocks MarienAushi YCH :iconrunelocks:Runelocks 25 0 Pixel Wolfo YCH [CLOSED] 0/8 Slots Left by Runelocks Pixel Wolfo YCH [CLOSED] 0/8 Slots Left :iconrunelocks:Runelocks 21 41 P-v-n-k - YCH by Runelocks P-v-n-k - YCH :iconrunelocks:Runelocks 8 1 Lif0rneir0a - YCH by Runelocks Lif0rneir0a - YCH :iconrunelocks:Runelocks 5 1
Sneak Peek Of DeviantArt Eclipse
DeviantArt Eclipse is the new format DeviantArt is planning on switching to as soon as they finish development and testing (learn more here)! You have to have a core membership and be a beta tester in order to try out DeviantArt Eclipse, if you are both these things then hover over "More" and hit "Try DeviantArt Eclipse" and your page will switch to this format. Hit your icon on the top right of your screen and a bunch of icons come up, the bottom option says something like "Return To Old Format", click this in order to exit from Deviantart Eclipse mode. I 'm telling you this because it took me an embarrassing long time to figure out how to exit, I kept hovering over my icon instead of clicking it. This isn't the final product so there's still more to be added and changed to it and it's pretty glitchy so be careful!
If you can't or don't to try DeviantArt Eclipse for yourself then continue on
:iconpoint-dragon:Point-Dragon 3 12
Guess who's still alive? (accepting requests)
I am back! I finally have time to do arty stuff ^^
Life has been totally hectic, but I SURVIVED and its finally OVER
Thank goodness
I am hoping to improve my drawing skills by drawing something every day, 
so feel free to send me requests! (please only request via this journal) and I'll draw my favourites
My tablet pen isn't working properly, so I'll be doing all (?) requests traditionally, and I can scan it for you
I've decided to delete all of my notifications - it was well into the triple digits ... so sorry if I missed anything important.
:icontreesareredinautumn:treesareredinautumn 8 40
Ask my Fan villains by MagicLightning124 Ask my Fan villains :iconmagiclightning124:MagicLightning124 7 4





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crayola 100 colors challenge adoptables 10 pts eac
for :iconshadowpawmfur:'s thing
please remember to follow my adoptable rules in my profile

1. blue gray giraffe:
2. asparagus bear:
3. outer space lizard(well smh):
4. lemon yellow seal:
5. carribbean green gazelle:
6. mulberry pony:

i don't recognize all of these colors rip
we'll miss you stan lee :heart: may avengers assemble
MK: *looks at blimp race ticket* i just can't wait to get started for this. this is the best part of my life yet!
ted: yeah, yeah. it's not gonna be so easy, isn't it.
MK: well, at least i know how to fight them off, i've seen the view from down below, man, it's gonna be amazing.
ted: i know, i know, and i'm gonna be in the audience watching you cross that finish line.
MK: *gets things ready* wait till i become like you, dearest uncle bruno...
ted: *watches mk pack her stuff excitedly* hm, *points to her* born a kid, she's muddy kid. maybe two must be better than one flying in the sky? *hears the tv turn on from the living room*
crusoe: *in tv* i've been livin' a long time in my little monkey village blah blah blah... *talks more about his island on the screen*
mk dad: *watching tv* i like that guy.
ted: *looks at screen and listens to crusoe* hmm, maybe this could be convenient if she needs any help. those monkeys sure are clever.
*in lair*
nigel: *looks through mk's necklace camera* this is way too far. first banishment, then i will have to... cats. i need to find a way for that delicious vengeance... *
eva: *throws another sword at a picture of cl and looks at screen* blimp racing. well, that's a coincidence.
nigel: oh really. what is it?
eva: yes, i can construct these flying things, and look around your place. propellers. fire launchers. air bags. that way she will finally fail to us. and best of all, i just hired someone. *presses a button and reveals the red baroness*
nigel: oh, hello miss. welcome.
rb: greetings, i am the red baroness. i see that you've made up a plan to defeat this girl, *looks at the stuff around the lair used to prepare the flying machine* well, i got a plane of my own. *shows nigel a picture of her plane*
nigel: hm, that looks professional. but let me ask you, will my parts make it stronger? perhaps the fire launchers could speed up your plane.
rb: maybe. but i've got another method. *holds up wrench*
eva: so, i see, you're going to fix anything if your plane breaks, or what are you gonna do with that wrench?
rb: you will see.
*meanwhile, a few days later, mk packs up and arrives at the center*
mk mom: *drops mk off* well, good luck on the race, ruby.
MK: thanks, ma. *looks at all the people signing up* woah... this is amazing! *gives ticket to mayor* i'm going to the blimp race.
mayor: ok, go over to that line to get your licence, good luck!
*after it was mk's turn*
MK: *looks at simulator* oh really.
simulator worker: go ahead and try it. i'll teach you how to operate the machine. so, this controls the air bags, *mk controls it*
MK: man, that was a tad scary. almost fell to the ground... but totally worth it!
simulator worker: it was indeed. come to this room, let's take your picture for your explorer id.
picture man: alright, give me a big smile...
MK: uhh... *tries several times to smile, but fails, so...*puppy eyes by PegaKid2012

picture man: ...ok. i guess i can accept you with that...*snaps*
*picture takes and mk looks at her id*
MK: well, at least i'm a kid... *looks at info* oh man, i can't believe it... i'm officially exploring the world! *walks to dorms*
room employee: *gives room number* you know, your roommate's going to side with you!
MK: awesome. *walks over to her room door and slowly knocks on it* alright, let's get ready for this big day tomorrow... *amelia earhart opens door* oh hello, name's muddy kid. or call me ruby kidlot.
amelia: hey there, i'm amelia earhart, nice to meet you. *they shake hands* you ready for the big race, kid?
MK: i sure am. *she walks inside and practices "driving her blimp*
amelia: so, you're practicing? well, i got a plane of my own, it takes more than one person. you get to partner up to get your own flying vehicle.
MK: that's amazing, i'm not even a bit nervous. *looks out window at the sky*
nigel: *in lair looking through mk's necklace* you will soon be.
Ruby Child 2 Pt. 1
creepy lightning belongs to :iconmagiclightning124: <--he was mentioned
ahh finally, the sequel.
everyone please block and report his ass --> :icontrwac:
tagged by :iconcrazypaintbrush:

• Write the rules or copy and paste them
• Write 13 things about yourself (do I have to...)
• Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions (I alway feel interrogated but in a fun way when I do tags)
• Tag 13 deviants (I would- but I’m too lazy :p (Lick) )
• Make sure they know that they are tagged (HEY GUYS YOUR TAGGED!!)
• Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" (or else what?)
• It's forbidden to not tag anyone (you can’t tell me what to do)
• Tag backs are allowed
• If you don't make this tag in a week, you HAVE to obey a single wish of the person who tagged you (that’s new...)

1) Are you in elementary, middle, high school, college, or graduated?
2) Does your name (first name, initials, etc) mean anything special?
i think it means something clever
3) Is a baby duck cuter than a baby chicken? (This is a actual argument me and my brother have, and you guys are gonna help me win it XD)
they're both equally cute i guess
4) What art/writing piece are you most proud of and why?
im proud of writing my fanfic since it's got a lot of fictional stuff and villains
5) What inspired you to join DA?
i was inspired by many amazing artwork before i joined in 2016
6) Which is harder, acrylic or watercolors?
7) Saddest Harry Potter character death? (If you did not read or watch HP, get out of here and never com- nah, you can stay, just go read or watch at least the first movie, it’s worth it)
tonks and lupin
8) Choose between modern music or 70-80’s music?
9) Finish this sentence: SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME...
the world is gonna roll me. i aint the sharpest tool in the shed...
10) Do you ever go to bed with intentions to go to sleep but instead stare at your phone for half a hour or more? Asking for a friend.
go to bed with intentions
11) Are you a introvert or a extrovert?
kind of an extrovert
12) Do you prefer the movie or the book version of a franchise?
i prefer the movie since it's more making me understand
13) What was your first OC (from any fandom) ever?
muddy kid
tagging time
:iconcrazypaintbrush: tag backs yay
:iconra1nb0wk1tty: when she comes back... hopefully

now for questions
1. how many chucks could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
2. do you hate dust
3. what was the most difficult you've drawn in your gallery?
4. do u no da wae? Wild Ugandan Knuckles - De Way 
5. which of my ocs do you like the most?
6. are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?
7. how would you describe me in one sentence?
8. if there's something strange in your neighborhood... who you gonna call?
9. what's your fav drawing platform/website?
10. fav cuphead boss?
12. burger king foot lettuce
13. mk/ruby: *shows puppy eyes*
mike has gone too far, he made a fake account of the good artist katiamel. --> :iconkatiamelthelesbian: pls report him and his fake account of kati
nigel canine
finally... it's here... let me introduce you to my pop villain oc
dark side
"this is the evil side inside me..."
i was bored so i decided to draw something for SydVC community creations, theme is villains
and yes that's nightmare kid above mk
it probably looks crappy or something
puppy eyes
i was bored so i decided to draw ruby trying to be cute... hope you like
mk: can somebody give me a hug pls
everyone block and report :iconmikeshadowxyz: [WARNING VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED]
why the fuck did i go into his profile and read the comments, he is a fucking disgusting asshole


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I will accept your art request unless you request for graphic stuff/violence.
Also if you feel like threatening my friends or my artwork for no reason you can get the fuck out of my goddamn profile.

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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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adoptable rules:
you may:
:bulletgreen: use them as your oc/give them names/genders
:bulletgreen: make small changes to them but pls make them recognizable
:bulletgreen: give them any accessories
:bulletgreen: give them any backstory
:bulletgreen: use them outside dA
you may not:
:bulletred: resell it for more points
:bulletred: claim the design as your own

mk's q&a and

  \\ Λ_Λ
   \( ಠ_ಠ )  Put
    > ⌒ヽ
   /   へ\ This
   /  / \\
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ on
  / /
  / /| Your
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 | |、\ Page
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) / If you're
`ノ )  Lノ

Muddy Kid: can i haz hug? :meow:

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