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The Face of Trad

This was a fun one to make and I am quite happy with how the colors turned out ^^

From this point on I will be using a new software for art, called Corel Painter, instead of Photoshop CC. It will save me a lot of money in the long run and I got it when it was on 45% sale! I absolutely love the brushes and the overall feel of using the application. I can recommend it. 

Download info: A low resolution image is free to download, but please note that I own the copyright of this artwork and you have no right to use it without my permission. If you want to share it, then please link back to my deviantart page or mention my artist name, thank you! 
You can also choose to buy a high resolution (2799x3955) version of this image for 500Points.

Hardware: Mac Mini+ Cintiq Pro

Software: Corel Painter 2020

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Majestic beauty wow 🌷🌷🌷

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This is beautiful! I tried Corel a long time ago. It was pretty intimidating at that time, but so was Photoshop. Now I love Photoshop XD

This looks like it could be on a Magic the Gathering Card! Great job!

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I'm happy you enjoy it! :heart:

Massive, complicated programs are always hard to learn. I personally find most bigger 3D programs to be indimidating (even after three years of usage!).

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I can't even imagine using a 3D program. My brain already hurts LOL

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Ikr. It causes great brain damage T_T

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Has this drawing an hidden message?

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No, not really. I was aiming for an adventurous feeling, so you could make up your own story about it. Honestly, I just paint for the fun of it!

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Wow, that's beautiful ! And so peaceful :love:

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Thank you! ~:heart:

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Corel Painter is also a nice software! I've tried it out several times, and it has a lot of cool brushes (I've also wanted to buy the software for myself for some time). Which version do you have?

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It is! I tried a test trial last year and really enjoyed it, but I didn't have enough time to explore it fully, plus it was out of my budget!

I could only get hold of the newest version, the 2020 one, and it works alright on my old little computer. The thing I like about this software is that it is made specifically for painting and drawing, unlike Photoshop which was originally for photo editing and manipulation. That's why Corels brushes are so nice and life-like.

And the fact that it is a one-time payment too. My choice was Corel Painter for 1500SEK lifetime access, or Photoshop CC license for 1400SEK per year. So I finally said good bye to Adobe! (I only really have it because of school anyways)

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I've tried out Photoshop a couple of years ago, but I really didn't like it, because I was used to softwares that's made for painting and drawing just like Corel Painter (I started painting digitally using Paint Tool Sai and then later bought Clip Studio Paint for at very reasonable price (250 DKK) at 80 % off).

Photoshop is so expensive and it also turns me off that you can't buy a lifetime license instead of paying a yearly subscribtion.

Anyways, I've always wanted to grab a copy of Corel Painter, but I'm a poor student (who doesn't study anything remotely related to art) so I neither have money nor a really good excuse to buy it. So I'll have to stick around to dreaming about it :D

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I've used Sai and CSP (it came with my intuos tablet) as well, and possibly every art program out there that I know of^^; They are quite good for lineart and such, which I once enjoyed. Photoshop is definitely overpriced and that is because Adobe's subscription plan forces you to include useless stuff like cloud storage, even if you don't want it you have to pay for it :shrug: That company is just money greedy.

Corel is much friendlier, offering a one-time payment. I hope you can get hold of it some day!

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Thank you :hug:

Now that I think of it, Black Ink (it's a software) might be something for you. It's still quite rough around the edges since it's still developing. But it has some quite interesting options for customizing brushes and using textures in you painting (which, if I'm not mistaken, you do a lot :giggle: )

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That sounds like a software worth checking out. How come I haven't heard of it before? :confused: Thanks for mentioning it :nod:

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Very interesting! It's very nice work and I appreciate the details. Good job!

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This so... magnificent, flawless and aaaaah the storry telling in this image <3

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Thank you! I'm happy you like it <3

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Looks amazing :D Those colors shine really vibrantly!! :O And the lighting really makes it pop

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it~

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