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Morning Sun

Here is a spontaneous little thing that I worked on just for the pleasure of playing with colors and shapes ^^ Enjoy!

Download info: A low resolution image is free to download, but please note that I own the copyright of this artwork and you have no right to use it without my permission. If you want to share it, then please link back to my deviantart page or mention my artist name, thank you! 
You can also choose to buy a high resolution (2234x3525) version of this image for 500Points.

Hardware: MacBook Air + Cintiq Pro

Software: Photoshop CC 2018

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© 2020 - 2021 Pegaite
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Love the composition!
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:) a very cool and dynamic piece! :+fav:
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you're absolutely welcome :)

Is there any chance you have some sort of tutorials online? (i'm a freshy at digital paintings :D)

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Hello! :D Welcome to deviantart.
I don't have any tutorials, but I can recommend my favorite art teacher from whom I have learnt a lot from. ->Here<- is nice collection of videos that I still watch every now and then. 

I wish you the best on your art journey!

Amazing job! Love the shading!

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Getting serious Avatar The Last Airbender vibes from this one. ❤️😄

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Perhaps so : ) Happy to hear from another atla fan! red heart bullet 

Monks do like to be uncomfortable. A fat white boi like me can't sit how they sit. Focusing on breath. I have mixed feelings about the monks.

Beautiful piece.

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I see. I personally find it very calming to meditate ^^

Happy you like my artwork~

I think I will download for a civer in one of my next wattpad stories. if i will use i will give you credits you deserve

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That's great. I'm happy you enjoy my art ^^
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hi! the color combinations are absolutely beautiful. post more :)

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`"spontaneous little thing" - you mean "breathtaking painting" :clap:

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 Hehe, thanks :heart:
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The reds in this painting are so good!

Great work man, just great.
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Thank you! <3
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