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This painting began as a thumbnail I doodled at five in the morning some weeks ago, and then, last week, I sat down to finish it. I didn't have anything in mind for it really, just an experimentation and practice, with some fitting reference images I found in my "study folder". The theme of it is rather unusual, coming from me, but it doesn't lack color at least. No color—no fun!

Download info: A low resolution image is free to download, but please note that I own the copyright of this artwork and you have no right to use it without my permission. If you want to share it, then please link back to my deviantart page or mention my artist name, thank you! 

Hardware: MacBook Air + Cintiq Pro

Software: Photoshop CC 2018

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1296x756px 1.99 MB
© 2020 - 2021 Pegaite
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Was this a small file? I kinda like that.
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The drawing file?
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Well, the original size of this artwork is 5400 x 3151 pixels (28MB), but I made a smaller version to upload on deviantart :nod: 
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Yeah, messing around with file sizes can be weird.
But you did fine.
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Oh, I really like the atmosphere in this !
I really missed these colors of yours :love:
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Nice textures and colours in this! :la:

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Very mysterious! :D
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Lovely work! ♥
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Wooow.... this is ..amazingg!! The atmosphere is so ..I don't know how to say - epic and cinematic, and mysterious OwO omg.. and for the skill I can't describe in words how shocked I am because it's just too beautiful and well done! I love the colors and the way you used them..the blues and the warm colors are so effective...Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3]  ..incredible!!!
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Thank you! :hug: Blue + orange is my go-to combination when I don't know what colors to use xD 
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Wow!  This is stunning!
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This is really cool! I immediately got fascinated by all the color tones and the atmosphere they create together.

Not sure if it was intentional, but for me it looks like the hooded man on the left might be a criminal (or at least a wanted man for something he did). Because at the right of the painting, there are these warm, bright color tones... but at the left, everything suddenly becomes dark and cold. There also seem to be wanted posters hanging at the wall, but I can't see it in details. So the hooded man walking there, with his hidden face turned away from other people, kinda gives me that interesting criminal vibe.

This painting looks rough and abstract, yet you manage to tell a whole story with it. :)

I imagine it's gonna be paintings like that which can help movies and videogames set a specific, fundamental atmosphere before they go into details.
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Thank you! Yeah, he does look suspicious, doesn't he? I wonder what he's up to.

And, indeed, this is pretty much what concept art looks like: rough, but gets the idea through :nod:
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Feels so real :3
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