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Despite the FCC voting on the bill 3-2 to dismantle net neutrality, there is still a very good chance to save net neutrality still. 
The organizations behind Battle For The Net are launching a new campaign to demand that Congress step in and restore net neutrality via Congressional Review Act (CRA).
The CRA let’s our elected officials in Congress overrule actions taken by Federal agencies like the FCC. And it’s different from a normal bill because it only requires a simple majority in the Senate and House to pass. Given the level of public backlash and polls showing that 83% of voters from across the political spectrum oppose the FCC’s plan, and given that several Republicans have already started to publicly criticize the FCC vote, we have a real chance to making this happen. But it won’t be easy, and it can only happen within 60 legislative days of the order going into effect.
Info taken from this post. has a handy dandy list of all the representatives that are either unknown on their stance of Net Neutrality or are against it.

There's bipartisan support for net neutrality in congress. Because the bill still has to go to congress before passing, it is even more imperative that you contact your congressmen and urge them to NOT PASS THE BILL. There are lots and lots of reelections coming up, especially for republicans who are most likely to be AGAINST Net Neutrality continuing to exist. Remind them that your vote put them in their seats, and your vote can take them out if they don't listen to your wishes. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Call, even if you hate talking on the phone, even if you have anxiety. It's incredibly important that you do this. Write yourself an original script to read while on the phone if needed. 

It's especially helpful if you include from a business standpoint how this would affect you,  I know many artists who sell their work online have that as their only source of income. Talk about how Net Neutrality helps your business! If you are of voting age, when contacting your representative, use your power to vote to your advantage! You could tell them something along the lines of how strongly you feel that Net Neutrality is integral to a free American society, and that "If [your representative] won't listen/feel that this is important, then you're sure that their opponent in the next election cycle will feel that it is." 

Let them know that if they refuse to listen, it'll hurt them in the ballot box. Because in the end, all the negative backlash so far makes it career suicide to actually support getting rid of Title II, so all the more reason to let them know that. 

Want to sign a petition? GoHERE.

For your convenience, here are some things you can do!

  1. Contact your representatives!
  2. Call your Representatives!
    •… the stance app can be used to pre-record your message so you don't have to directly speak to anyone. Not sure how reps will respond to these since it might be considered a bot
    • IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY ON A PHONE CALL:… use this site, it has a script, but you NEED to edit it to be your own. it also lists concisely the numbers you should call. 

  3. Not sure what the hubbub about Net Neutrality is? Look here for a concise explanation:
    • Reddit thread with more information + links and general ways to help (some may be dated from before the vote and have not-very-helpful info):…
Even if you don't live in America, the removal of Net Neutrality could severely affect how the rest of the world views the internet as a resource. It's not just exclusive to America, as other countries could follow suit and remove a lot of the freedoms we enjoy today. 


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