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Paladin Tier 2 Judgement set

Here's a commission for a friend who wanted me to paint his WOW character. It was a fun challenge because I don't usually draw this type of subject matter and because it's a very complex costume.
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<sigh> Seeing this makes me sooo nostalgic, I got the chance to finish the Sulfuras, Hand_of Ragnaros crafting quest, only during the final patches of WolLK, and it took a month, the full Tier 2 set it took a week, but t was soooo worth it, just equip all those on you, mount up on your epic class paladin charger and stroll down Storm Wind like a Warrior God of Light! :D

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A pity I never got the Hammer and just the set back then. B-)
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It took me nearly month to get thing in order to get them,

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Long overdue watch and fave, one of my favorite pieces for years now.
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Also known as the most bad ass set ever! :D
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this is just bad fucking ass!
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Damn this is an awesome piece, never have I seen this armour drawn in such a manner, and I really love the bulky warrior look he has, while still looking devoted as all hell. I was wondering though, would it be alright if I used this as a reference picture for my Pally whom will be wearing this gear? I RP so it'd help a great deal if I could.
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totally bad ass.
What an amazing job, I love the pose :)
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Every paladin needs this armor, I've got every piece except the head.
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Damn that right there is some really decent art!
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Oh shit...He...looks...PISSED!
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Wonderful detail on some awesome armor!
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The amount of holy awesomness radiating from this picture is over 9000 !!
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Amazingly Done
You did an absolutely beautiful job! This picture has inspired me to actually make the costume now ^_^ I'll make sure to post the pictures when it's done. ^_^
The epickness from this art ... its so good its probably illegal somewhere O.o
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love this tier set
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This is epic. This armor was very iconic of the Paladin class. Too bad the game isn't the way it was back then...
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love this piece! will we ever see this as a print or does your lucky friend get to be the sole owner of its pure awesomeness?

@Raikun: tauren are the red-headed stepchildren of paladin class. there has got to be a blizzard dev somewhere sobbing uncontrollably and wishing he'd laid off the mind-altering drugs when he thought up that horrible idea. seriously, what the hell were they thinking? IT MAKES NO SENSE
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prints are now available.
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