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Frostina, Warcraft Gnome Mage

By peetcooper
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Digital painting of my wife's World of Warcraft Character. She is Gnome Frost Mage, in Tier gear. She loved how this turned out.
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I thought gnomes only had four fingers
Jetwing-Galaxy's avatar
boy i am not a fan of that hair or that race
gnomishcutie's avatar
this is one of the cutest wow fan arts i have ever seen - i really like it! ^.^ <3
diceknight's avatar
Love it! Gnomes are so much fun in WoW, don't see enough art of them :)
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Extra fingers, but she is a mage, so maybe she added a finger with magic, Hooray for Gnomes!

Very cute!
Ogs-Peace's avatar
the fact is gnomes have four fingers :(.. BUUUT.. this one still deserves a good fave!! it's soooooooo cute! ^___^

- Ogs
onikusia's avatar
she looks like chromie ^^
monkeyboy555's avatar
must fav its cutnice is drawing me in =P to cute!
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As a fact: Gnomes have 4 fingers instead of 5 :P
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Very, very nice. favs.
Neneset's avatar
Yeah, I noticed the fingers too. Otherwise very good. Nice to see Gnomes portrayed too.

Not a tier set though. That is the Robe of Volatile Power. I used the same on my Mage from early Molten Core to 70th.
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gnomes only got 4 fingers...but otherwise very nice!
Loleni01's avatar
Cute! I Love it
Rion205's avatar
omg so cute! Very nice painting :)
sertaca's avatar
lOveisNOpOisOn's avatar
hey she's exactly like mine(same hairdoo same face...)love it!
slytherinbadass79's avatar
Whooooo! Thats exactly my ice mage gnome!!! ^^ lol... I love gnomes!!! Gnomes rule, but... does´nt they have only four fingers, do they?
Kharix's avatar
FINALLY! someone draws the best race Evar! keep it up.
bbach's avatar
Nice tier1 and Staff of Dominance. You've catched the look very well, it looks cool.

Luineannon's avatar
She's adorable. I love gnomes. My hubby plays a gnome fire mage. ^_^

Love the details. The expression looks as though she's having a blast. Only problem I see is too many fingers. ^_~

Wonderful job!
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Love it! Too bad it's not a beautiful fire mage, haha.
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Cool, very nice
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