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Turin's first sight of the Eldar

'Fair as an Elf-child is Lalaith', said Húrin to Morwen; 'but briefer, alas! And so fairer, maybe, or dearer.' And Túrin hearing these words pondered them, but could not understand them. For he had seen no Elf-children. None of the Eldar at that time dwelt in his father's lands, and once only had he seen them, when King Fingon and many of his lords had ridden through Dor-lómin and passed over the bridge of Nen Lalaith, glittering in silver and white.'

JRR Tolkien: Unfinished Tales: NARN I HÎN HÚRIN
The Tale of the Children of Húrin

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Painted in watercolour.

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See this image under the entry for 'Nen Lalaith' at Tolkien Gateway here.

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Just... beautiful. There is such a medieval grace and splendour to your work... and something in the composition and colours of this particular painting, the balance and harmony of it, that just arrests me. I went through your whole Turin gallery and came back to stare at it again.
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Thank you for such a beautiful comment! :excited: It's really an honour to elicit such words in others, and praise too. Especially other fine Tolkien artists such as yourself - rest assured I appreciate it greatly ...!
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This is so gorgeous I hardly even know where to start.
peet's avatar
Thank you very much - this is a good start ;)
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Brilliant as all your work!
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This is fabulous! It's got this medieval tapestry feel and yet is so much more realistic. I just love it! :heart:
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Yes, I know what you mean. It's somewhere in between; actually, this is one that I really like precisely for that reason.
Fantastic man, really great work. I love seeing work of scenes most people havent illustrated before like this one, and the tuor stuff! Really prolific, and great to see your interpretations.
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Thank you very much indeed; it's always nice to come across those lesser scenes and/or characters, and that's why I like to portray them ... Although I'm not sure I'm particularly prolific - these illustrations have been painted over 12-13 years :D. In any case, thanks again - I'm glad you appreciate my work!
BricksandStones's avatar
This is a wonderful scene - I really like how it is composed - well done!
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Thank you so much friend.
This is fantastic. What a lovely presenation of one of the most beautiful and evocative quotations from that book.
wow. This reminds me a lot of the art of Maurice Sendak (think Outside Over There) and also of medieval religious art. Gorgeous.
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Very, very atmospheric.
Neyar's avatar
and once again another masterpiece that's so rich of details. you've the amazing talent to tell stories with your paintings and to replace tolkiens words (eh, that might sound completely missunderstandable but i'm sure you know what i mean...)

aautio's avatar
Here is another example of those wonderful 'little moments'. Just beautiful.. i'm starting to repeat myself, i'm sorry.
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When I irstly read the book, I immagined that scene exactly how you depicted it! Well done!! :+fav:
peet's avatar
Ah, this is such a wonderful compliment! Thank you so much, my friend, as ever it's greatly appreciated!
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