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Turin Journeys to Dor-Lomin

By peet
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'And Túrin hastened along the ways to the north, through the lands now desolate between Narog and Teiglin, and the Fell Winter came down to meet him; for in that year snow fell ere autumn was passed, and spring came late and cold. Ever it seemed to him as he went that he heard the cries of Finduilas, calling his name by wood and hill, and great was his anguish; but his heart being hot with the lies of Glaurung, and seeing ever in his mind the Orcs burning the house of Húrin or putting Morwen and Nienor to torment, he held on his way, and turned never aside.'

JRR Tolkien: The Silmarillion: Chaper 21: Of Túrin Turambar

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See the rest of the NARN I HÎN HÚRIN series here.

Painted in watercolour.

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Wow Peter! This sky is amazing!! The different blue shades are combined so nicely and you've really found the right colors for the clouds (which I always find so difficult)! Beautiful!Heart Heart Heart 
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Apologies for the late response, and very glad you like! This was an early attempt on new watercolour paper, so I was pretty pleased with the result :)
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Turin roamed in lands now sunk into Ocean (Helcaraxe ?) by the climatic war of the First Age.

Did Turin kill an elf who insulted him and his, tho by accident, and then, rather than accept the King's pardon, spurned it and roamed the wilderness, coming finally to a tragic tho glorious end.
peet's avatar
Beleriand rather than Helcaraxe - the latter was the desolate, icy strip which connected Aman with Middle-earth, and which the Exiled Noldor - excepting the Feanorians - were forced to cross :)

But yes, this is indeed the Turin that you speak of, and the Elf he insulted was Saeros. I actually have a work-in-progress piece of the precise moment of Saeros insulting Turin at the board, but who knows when this will see the light of day ;). Apologies for the late responses, by the way!
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The light here is simply magnificent, I feel almost like I was blinded by the sun. Awesome job painting the clouds!
peet's avatar
Ah, thank you. This was a cold but sunny winter's day on a walk near where I live about a month or so ago. Let's just say I was wearing sunglasses ;)
AjaxTelamoneis's avatar
This is gorgeous! The clouds especially are just amazingly well-done. You've shaded them perfectly, and I love the backlit effect you've given them.

I also love the gradation of blues in the sky -- gives the painting a really unique look.

And I definitely agree with the other commenters that you've made the emotional urgency of this passage come through brilliantly; for me the biggest sense of foreboding is in those barren trees clustered underneath the clouds in the darkest part of the painting.

Finally, I love the thematic choice you've made to have the figure of Túrin be such a tiny part of this composition.
peet's avatar
Thanks so much for this awesome comment :) Really glad you like.

I think I take a leaf out of Alan Lee's book at times in terms of downscaling the characters and letting M-earth speak for itself. Not always, of course, but sometimes. And yes, those trees. They're actually supposed to be charred and withered because of Glaurung and the orcs passing that way a few days/a week or so before. Either way, they're meant to represent the bleakness of Turin walking into the literal eye of the storm.

By the way, for a snippet of Turin's journey a little further a long the road, have a look at this :) ... Tuor's sighting at Lake Ivrin
Aida-v's avatar
Again beautiful picture!Know how to capture the emotion,and this is not within the reach of everyone. +100 FAV!
peet's avatar
Ah, I'm really humbled by the praise. Especially as I think emotion is not my strong suit! Many thanks! :hug:
IngvildSchageArt's avatar
Wonderfully dramatic as always! Your techniques amazes me! just... HOW?!
peet's avatar
Ah, thanks for the kind comment darl. But as I've told you before, you have wonderful technique yourself. Actually, I think I tend to use more opacity than a lot of other watercolorists, for some reason :nod:
chronicvillainy's avatar
Interesting angle; I like the focus on the sky! :D I love how there is a sense of foreboding despite the bright blue an incoming storm. Good job! ^^
peet's avatar
Thanks again, as always! Was quite pleased with the unusual angle - I wasn't actually sure which scene I'd turn it into until the sky was down - indeed, it was just a generic sky/cloud study at first. But I've been listening to the Children of Hurin audiobook narrated by Christopher Lee (*sniff*) recently, and this idea just popped in.
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its a really beautiful landscape <3
excellent job as always :)
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And an excellent comment as always :) Have a hug :hug:
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Much obliged, as ever :)
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