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Three is Company

By peet
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'The day's march promised to be warm and tiring work. After some miles, however, the road ceased to roll up and down: it climbed to the top of a steep bank in a weary zig-zagging sort of way, and then prepared to go down for the last time. In front of them they saw the lower lands dotted with small clumps of trees that melted away in the distance to a brown woodland haze. They were looking across the Woody End towards the Brandywine River. The road wound away before them like a piece of string.'

JRR Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Book I, Chapter 3: Three is Company

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Painted in watercolour.

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Wow! I love this! omg 
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Thanks a lot!
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Wow, just, wow. I love this picture, something about the lighting and the colors just screams Middle Earth. Also the Shire in fall.
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I appreciate the kind words, thank you. This is true to my homeland of Britain, which is very personal to me when I read Tolkien's descriptions of the Shire. So naturally I'm very glad you like :)
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Wow...I love the color and lighting in this piece....and that big beautiful tree! :D  Excellent work!
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Thanks for your kind words :) This is a pretty old one now, one of my first. But it still ticks most of the right boxes for me ;)
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Beautiful! I could never really paint well without things dripping etc. but this looks marvelous! I commend you, my friend!
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I appreciate your warm words, especially seeing as this is one of my earliest :hug:
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This picture makes me I miss reading LotR so much. The whole thing looks so magical!
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Well, if I can inspire you to pick it up again, it'd be an honour. It's never a bad thing to return to Tolkien :D Thanks!
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did you do this peet
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Yep, and everything else in my gallery ;)
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This is really good :-) I really think you really captured the mood of this scene in the book
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Ah, it's very nice to read this - thanks so much for taking the time comment :bounce:
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You're very welcome :-) I know how happy it makes me when people comment what they think
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What is the setting of the story?
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The older I get the more I like the early chapters in the Shire and the peaceful Hobbit life.
You really captured the shire atmosphere.
Well done :+fav: 
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I definitely understand this. Most find Book I boring and receptive, though I must say that I liked these scenes a lot when I first read them through, since I'm from England and it just seemed so nice to have 'my' countryside put into words like this. This painting grew out of that too, I believe - I've probably walked along this country lane before. Many thanks!
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Fours a Bore ... SORRY this was the name of a chapter in a parody of TLOTR books ...
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Haha, Bored of the Rings, right? ;)
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