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The Two Trees of Valinor

By peet
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'Under her song the saplings grew and became fair and tall, and came to flower; and thus there awoke in the world the Two Trees of Valinor. Of all things which Yavanna made they have most renown, and about their fate all the tales of the Elder days are woven.
The one had leaves of dark green that beneath were as shining silver, and from each of his countless flowers a due of silver light was ever falling, and the earth beneath was dappled with the shadows of his fluttering leaves. The other bore leaves of a young green like the new-opened beech; their edges were of glittering gold. Flowers swung upon her branches in clusters of yellow flame, formed each to a glowing horn that spilled a golden rain upon the ground; and from the blossom of that tree there came forth warmth and a great light.'

JRR Tolkien: The Silmarillion: Chapter 1: Of the Beginning Days

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Watercolour, hint of white gouache.

See this image under the entry for 'Ezellohar' at Tolkien Gateway here.

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Can you DM me about this please with more details?

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Wow!! very beautiful drawing!!

I'm the Korean Tolkienist. And I want to use your nice drawing in my writing. Please, may I use this drawing?

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Thanks a lot much appreciated :)
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very good
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Appreciate it :)
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One detail of how MiddleEarth slowly diminished as ages came & went. Things like the Two Trees,the Silmarils, the palantir, eventually became beyond the elves & even the Valar, as their power dwindled. Likewise Morgoth and Sauron, once fair and even kind, became corrupted and deformed.
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It's the powerful leitmotif of the professor's work, for sure :nod:
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I immediately felt this symbolised the young and the old. On is shining vibrantly with youth, while the other is duller, and more grey, but no less great.
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Well, these are both of course the Elder Trees in the history of Tolkien's world, but you're right, the silver (which would become the Moon) is the elder of the two, and masculine, and the gold (which would become the Sun) is the younger, and the feminine :)
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

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Thank you - it was a long time ago now :D
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Many thanks - you've read up to this part, no? I hope my Silmarillion gallery will prove to be a useful visual prop for you as you go through the book. Alongside other artists of course - I don't claim to have a monopoly here on the imagination. :D
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Indeed I have read up to this part! I'm actually a bit stuck right now at the Valar's attack on Angband after Orome told them about the Elves (this is due to study reasons--college stuff and skill-honing)! And yeah, you and a lot of other artists' works are really proving to be a great help! :)
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Totally understandable. I'm in the process of writing up my PhD thesis at the moment which eats up so much time and energy ... just read it when you can, I guess; there's no rush :). Glad the visual aids are appreciated too, on behalf of all of us ;)
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:) Good luck with the thesis!
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Thanks a lot, it's greatly appreciated.
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Glad you like.
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