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The Second Sorrow Of Turin


'But Morwen would not depart from her house, for her heart was yet unchanged and her pride still high; moreover Nienor was a babe in arms. Therefore she dismissed the Elves of Doriath with her thanks, and gave them in gift the last small things of gold that remained to her, concealing her poverty; and she bade them take back to Thingol the Helm of Hador. But Túrin watched ever for the return of Thingol's messengers; and when they came back alone he fled into the woods and wept, for he knew of Melian's bidding and he had hoped that Morwen would come. This was the second sorrow of Turin.'

JRR Tolkien: Unfinished Tales: NARN I HÎN HÚRIN 
The Tale of the Children of Húrin

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Painted in watercolour.

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At first I thought it Atreyu from The Neverending Story...

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Hello - wondering if I can repost this picture for a blog ?

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Sure thing if you link or attribute to me - what’s the blog?

Faeryways's avatar and you are the featured artist. I have a link to your site. Your art is so telling. Great for stories. I really appreciate your craftmenship and emotional expressions. Thank you.

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I appreciate the kind words very much - and thank you so much for the feature! :boing:

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There's so much to love about this painting - it's been in one of my browser tabs for ages and ages :D
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such a professional touch! wow I admire
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Thanks for the kind words :)
I don't know about anyone else but I really think the curse of Morgoth was reinforced by Morwen and Turin's stupid pride. What kind of mother leaves her young son alone, when he wants her to be with him? Dang her stupid pride of living at others hospitality! I would want to be with my son. Morwen was screwed up, I didn't like her. She was pretty selfish in my opinion. 
Think of how many times they might have broken the curse if they had just humbled themselves. 
This is sad. 
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Ah yes, well this is the whole free will versus determinism debate playing out in Tolkien, which stretches back to Pelagius versus or Augustine and went though numerous iterations in the centuries afterwards, most notably among the Arminian Remonstrants versus the Calvinist Contra-Remonstrants in the early Dutch Republic. Personally, yeah their pride may have exacerbated things of course, but it really doesn't help to have had the devil leaning on your back the whole time too. Just ask others like Feanor, Maeglin and even Elu Thingol about that ;)

Glad you think this piece is sad though - it's what I really wanted to convey. Thanks for commenting :)
no problem! now since this comment, I've actually read the silmarilion and children of hurin in greater depth, and though I still think that Morwen and Turin fell right into the pit dug for them by their bad decisions, the tragedy of them both is still moving. 

yeah, Morgoth's literal ever-pushing them under is actually a great metaphor of life for so many people. Great thing about Tolkein is he borrowed from Real Life and made into a fantasy somehow fresh and yet familiar. Still, its so sad that Morwen and Turin didn't listen to the helping hand that might have brought them to a better fate. Its a hard lesson. 
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Aye, on sad scene among many in this tale. Thanks for commenting :)
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Such a sad moment. Poor Túrin.
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Yep, a sad moment among many (many!).
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I love this piece for more than one reason. It reminds me of a beautiful illustration I would see in old children's books. I am a huge fan of the style, not many people use it nowadays. Keep it up!
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Thank you so much for the kind words. Yes this is the precisely the type of illustration I like myself, from the Golden Age I suppose. It's whimsical and ethereal, and it's what appeals to me in other's work. So why not incorporate it into my own too? :D
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Thanks as always :D
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You're welcome! :) (Smile) 
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Oh!Turin!!!So sad and so beautiful!
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Ah I though you'd like this one ;) Thank a lot!
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It's my pleasure!Heart 
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