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'But the east shores of Aman were the uttermost end of Belegaer, the Great Sea at the West; and since Melkor was returned to Middle-earth and they could not yet overcome him, the Valar fortified their dwelling, and upon the shores of the sea they raised the Pelóri, the Mountains of Aman, highest upon Earth. And above all the mountains of the Pelóri was that height upon whose summit Manwë set his throne. Taniquetil the Elves name that holy mountain, and Oiolossë Everlasting Whiteness, and Elerrína Crowned with Stars, and many names beside; but the Sindar spoke of it in their later tongue as Amon Uilos. From their halls upon Taniquetil Manwë and Varda could look out across the Earth even into the furthest East.' 

JRR Tolkien: The Silmarillion: Chapter 1: Of the Beginning Days

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Painted in watercolour.

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quite pointing
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Aye, I wonder how the Elves got up there ;)
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The height and depth is so satisfying, when I was reading the Silmarrillion I often had trouble imagining these remarkable places in a sense that they seem beyond human imagination but you have helped bring these fantastic stories to life in a way I never could
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Ah, it's seriously rewarding to read such words - thank you so much! To help others envisage these places is so nice - I admit, sometimes they were difficult for myself also, and it's only now that I've thought about them for a few years that I'm brave enough to attempt this or that. One day I'll tackle more of Valinor. In this case of Taniquetil, this is actually a modification of Tolkien's own image - not sure if you've seen it before? Anyway, I took it for influence :)…
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Oh wow! It really helps when you can be inspired by another artwork of course :)
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Especially from the Professor himself ;) Thanks again!
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It's a pitty you only can fave a picture once!
This one is absolutely amazing. I like everything about it, but especially the light and stars - and the way you made Taniquetil different and outstanding from all the surrounding mountains.
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Too kind my friend! Really glad you like; this was such a fun and interesting piece to create, where I could sort of just like my fancy wander. Though I always like to retain an element of realism in my work (especially appropriate for Tolkien's world), I love to straddle the line between that and fantasy! Merry Christmas!
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Awesome depths to the heights (if you know what I mean!)  I keep looking up to the top and down to the bottom, then back again. You've given Taniquetil immense mass and distance; I love it!
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Again, my sincere thanks! This came out really satisfyingly in the end - all the more as I based it on Tolkien's own depiction :D
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Very impressive landscape! It's really something that can't exist in our world.
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Yes precisely. I always want to try and straddle the line between fantasy and realism in my works, so this was at the forefront of my mind for this one. I imagine the two peaks just below would equate to the tallest on our globe, perhaps. Anyways, thanks a lot :)
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wooooow!!! Clap :happybounce: 
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Haha, thanks :blush:
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Its simply beautiful
I like the colors *-*
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Beautiful depiction of that place. I always wondered how hard it must have been to reach it as I read the end of the book. You have definitely caught it's splendor and impressive size well. I love that halo of light around the summit too! Fantastic work!!
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Thank you kindly once again. Yeah, it must've been a real problem for the Elves to reach the summit - I'm sure no problem for Valar and probably Maiar, but Elves? I wonder if they devised a lift :lol:?
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Beautiful colours and details :)
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Thank you so much :D
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