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Shadowfax and Gandalf Reunited

By peet
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'As soon as Shadowfax saw Gandalf, he checked his pace and whinnied loudly; then trotting gently forward he stooped his proud head and nuzzled his great nostrils against the old man's neck.
Gandalf caressed him. 'It is a long way from Rivendell, my friend,' he said; 'but you are wise and swift and come at need. Far let us ride now together, and part not in this world again!''

JRR. Tolkien: 
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Book III,  Chapter 5: The White Rider

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Painted in watercolour.

If you appreciate my artwork, please show your support by taking a few short moments to 'Like' my Facebook Page at Peter Xavier Price - Illustrator. Many thanks!

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MP550 series
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This is one of my favorite Tolkien pieces ever now. <3

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Thank you so much, that's very kind!

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You are sooooooooooo good! I LOVE Lord of the Rings! Nothing can beat it (except maybe Star Wars)
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Thanks! I love Star Wars but nothing beats my love of Tolkien (not just LotR) :)
MoonwatchersCrafts's avatar
Np! I sadly haven't read any of Tolkien's other books :( but I am quite young so..... Good luck with more art!!!!
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This is so sweet!! :love: I love it!
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Thanks for commenting :)
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MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Also stunning.  The one horse in Middle Earth who could face the mounted Lord of the Nazgul and not... flick... an ear.
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Shadowfax's a great character in his own right, made even greater by his association with Olorin. The fact that he boards the ship at the End is also a kind of 'going back home' for the Mearas; as much as any of the Elves. A lovely touch by Tolkien. Thanks again :)
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
I just think of him calmly facing the Lord of the Nazgul... and his friendship and affection for Gandalf.  Not to mention his general kindness to hobbits and well-meaning Gondorians.   

I so look forward to more of your work.
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Thanks, I hope you like future works just as much :) Maybe more of Shadowfax one day ;)
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
That would be wonderful. Thank you for sharing what you have.
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Beautiful work!
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Thank you kindly! :wave:
SoPhoenix's avatar
You're welcome!
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Wonderful work!
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Much obliged! :boing:
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Crimson-Dragon-King's avatar
You did a great job putting the scene from the book to art :)
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