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'To the east the outflung arm of the mountains marched to a sudden end, and far lands could be descried beyond them, wide and vague. To the south the Misty Mountains receded endlessly as far as sight could reach. Less than a mile away, and a little below them, for they still stood high up on the west side of the dale, there lay a mere. It was long and oval, shaped like a great spear-head thrust deep into the northern glen; but its southern end was beyond the shadows under the sunlit sky. Yet its waters were dark: a deep blue like clear evening sky seen from a lamp-lit room. Its face was still and unruffled. About it lay a smooth sward, shelving down on all sides to its bare unbroken rim.
'There lies the Mirrormere, deep Kheled-zâram!' said Gimli sadly.' 

JRR Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Book II, Chapter 6: Lothlórien 

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Painted in watercolour.

This is heavily inspired by Ireland - Lough Tay, and more specifically the photo reference of it which the lovely ArwendeLuhtiene gave me permission to use!

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Here Balin, one of the company who banded against Smaug, was killed by an orc after becoming the last king of Moria. As Gimli put it, it became a TOMB !
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Is that movie-verse though, regarding Gimli's choice of description? ;)
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i am really surprised, i always imagined it being higher in mountains and surrounded by rock more than grass. and also much darker. i am glad to see something very different.
your colors are so bright and cheerful, how can the nature ignore that it is a sad place? :D
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Hmm, this piece is a little contentious. As I've mentioned to commentators above, the water does indeed need to be darker, although in my defence I do imagine the rock to rise steeply literally on the edges of the canvas - so just out of shot ;) Still, one day I may have to attempt Mirrormere again. This probably doesn't do it justice :nod:
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Very glad you like! :thumbsup:
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I like the green hills behind the water :) :) :) beautiful landscape :)
peet's avatar
Thank you! I'd imagine in happier times there may have been congregations of Elves and Dwarves sitting and relaxing on that grass, at times :nod:
MatejCadil's avatar
Lovely landscape and eye-catching colours! Nice details with the trees in the foreground and even the Durin's Stone there on the bank. :-)
I love your version of Mirrormere, but it's interesting how it is different from mine. While my picture Durin's Stone by matejcadil
arguably shows the opposite direction, I have always imagined the Dimrill Dale and Mirrormere surrounded by much higher mountains on all sides except an opening to the southeast, through which the woods of Lothlórien could be seen. :-)
peet's avatar
Ah yes, I remember this piece which I've always really loved. Actually, I don't think I envisage the mere much different than yourself - I too imagine higher mountains around it, and I suppose it's literally where the illustration cuts off on either side that they suddenly rise up steeply; although granted, perhaps my window to the east is a bit wider than yours :) I really like how you did the water actually, as compared with mine. It's a difficult one to get right, and I don't think I have. Oh well.
MatejCadil's avatar
Oh yes, I can imagine there are higher mountains in your picture as well - or rather outside of it, you know what I mean.. ;-)
Water is always one of the most difficult things in landscapes, I'm never quite satisfied with my attempts, it almost never looks the way I would like it to, sometimes the result surprised me in a positive way. :-)
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Yes water is very difficult, especially so in depictions such as this where the author is very specific about how it should look (in some respects not 'realistic' as such too). I think I had the same problem with Lake Helevorn, which should be 'deeper and darker', I think. Ah well, live and learn ;)
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Its a beautiful landscape *^*
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:bounce: Thanks again!
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What about quote "Dark is the water of Kheled-zâram, and cold are the springs of Kibil-nâla"? It doesn't look that dark to me...
peet's avatar
Oh well, didn't meet your approval here. Maybe I'll update it with some dark washes in future ... ;)
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