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Lost Amid the Pathless Trees

'Thus by fate and courage they passed over the Shadowy Mountains, and coming down into the Vale of Sirion they passed into the Forest of Brethil; and at last, weary and haggard, they reached the confines of Doriath. But there they became bewildered, and were enmeshed in the mazes of the Queen, and wandered lost amid the pathless trees, until all their food was spent. There they came near to death, for winter came cold from the North; but not so light was Túrin's doom.'

JRR Tolkien: Unfinished Tales: NARN I HÎN HÚRIN 
The Tale of the Children of Húrin

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See the rest of the NARN I HÎN HÚRIN series here.

Painted in watercolour.

See this image under the entries for 'Gethron' and 'Grithnir' at Tolkien Gateway here , and here.

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Uranus-seventhsun's avatar
Brr, I get cold just looking at this. Poor things.
peet's avatar
Poor things indeed, but I'm glad you get a chill from it. Means I've one my job correctly - many thanks! :D
Charlene-Art's avatar
The detail in this piece is just so beautiful!
peet's avatar
Much appreciated :) Thanks for the comment
PennedinWhite's avatar
This is just amazing. The details are fantastic! Well portrayed.

Great Job! :heart:
peet's avatar
Glad you like this piece - a fun one to paint, even if it did take me 7 or 8 years to finally complete it!
PennedinWhite's avatar
Of course! That is a long time, but definitely work it! :D
peet's avatar
Well, I left it alone for most of that time while I went off and did other things ;)
PennedinWhite's avatar
Khalizya's avatar
Whao, I love this one! The composition is very efficient, and the details on the trees makes me think about Alan Lee's work...
peet's avatar
I appreciate this! Actually I went more with John Howe in terms of inspiration for the trees on this one. But overall Lee is my preference :D
Cuthillius's avatar
I love how you did the background.
peet's avatar
Me too! ;) Again, thank you.
BMarshallARTS's avatar
Wonderful illustration.
peet's avatar
As ever, thanks for your comment :) It's always a pleasure
teamoth's avatar
Such wonderful trees.
peet's avatar
Thank you so much, I'm a big fan of painting trees in their various kinds and hues :)
BricksandStones's avatar
The colour theme is wonderful here! The shadow in the background captures attention even though its small. I also like the perspective, it looks difficult to draw but you managed very well :) Good job!
peet's avatar
Again, thank you. The shadow in the background is Turin as a boy, so he would indeed be small; and yet the fact that he captures attention is obviously good since this is mainly his tale :)
RebeccaTripp's avatar
This is beautiful!
peet's avatar
:thanks: Thank you!
BrandonLoucksArt's avatar
A great illustration!
peet's avatar
Much appreciated!!
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