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Hurin in Captivity

By peet
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'Unhappy was the lot of Húrin; for all that Morgoth knew of the working of his malice Húrin knew also, but lies were mingled with the truth, and aught that was good was hidden or distorted [...] For twenty-eight years he had been captive in Angband, and he was grown grim to look upon.' 

JRR Tolkien: The Silmarillion: Chapter 22: Of the Ruin of Doriath 

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Painted in watercolour. 

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MP550 series
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Flane-Erenaeoth's avatar
His expression is fantastic. Such a classic composition here that I immediately knew it was Hurin :)
peet's avatar
Aw, that's very kind. I guess it's a classic scene too, so that helps :) Really glad you like my interpretation, my friend! :hug:
Xelaneko's avatar
Very expressive, I love the colors! 
peet's avatar
Much obliged for the comment(s) :)
kimberly80's avatar
Well, finally someone has drawn Hurin, thank you! This is one of my favorite characters.
It turned out a very convincing
and the color is beautiful
peet's avatar
But you have drawn a beautiful portrayal of Hurin, have you not?! Still, I will receive your praise most graciously. It's an honour to please one such as yourself, who likes Hurin the Steadfast so much! :nod: :star:
Aida-v's avatar
Много мощен образ!A true hero of Tolkien...
peet's avatar
Very very glad you like, and find it powerful :) He definitely was a legendary hero of the Edain, not far behind the 'triumvirate' of Beren, Turin and Tuor (I think Huor deserves to be mentioned here too) :)
chronicvillainy's avatar
I'm really impressed by Hùrin's face here! The wrinkles are really detailed, and his face is very expressive! He looks like he's been through a lot, but the eyes and expression definitely suggest he hasn't yet been broken which definitely conveys the passage you've quoted. I also really like the shading on his skin and the rocks! :D
peet's avatar
Thanks a lot, again :nod: Yeah, I really enjoyed painting Hurin's face here - it was nice to get down those really cracked and worn-down, beaten features - but with a spark of defiance behind his eyes. It took a lot - a hell of a lot - to finally break him ...
chronicvillainy's avatar
You're welcome! The eyes definitely capture that spark. :) You've managed to strike that balance of those worn features with those eyes, which is really well done! 
peet's avatar
'Tis smug-inducing to read such words again - thanks as ever! :D
chronicvillainy's avatar
You're very welcome! :D 
SueMArt's avatar
Brilliant work Peet.Clap 
peet's avatar
SueMArt's avatar
Always a pleasure Peet Heart 
Brunild's avatar
Great work on this character! I really like his dignity and the expressiveness on his face, you capture him and his drama very well. I love also the use of the colors here and the accurate details of the drawing as always!! :highfive: ;)
peet's avatar
Thank you Brunild. I'm really glad you detect the retention of his nobility and dignity underneath all that age and suffering. Hurin is of course one of the most legendary and vaunted of the Edain, probably only one tier behind Turin, Tuor and Beren. He's mentioned at the Council of Elrond, for example - though I guess he was Elrond's great-great Uncle, so that might have had something to do with it :D
Brunild's avatar
Indeed  this is a really good depiction of this character, one of the best that I' ve seen!! ;) Impressive job!

P.S. Happy New Year!!
peet's avatar
I hope I said Happy New Year back earlier!? If not I apologise :blush: But I'm really honoured, as ever, by your kind words. :hug:
Brunild's avatar
Always a pleasure my dear friend, you are most than welcome!! ;) :hug:
vvveverka's avatar
Astonnishing piece! :clap: Interesting composition and great colors! It express such a strong emotion! :love: This is pretty good piece, you know it, my friend, right? :D :hug:
peet's avatar
Well, I dunno. I mean I quite like it :) I certainly have more confidence in having done well when I read such comments as yours. So ... many thanks indeed :hug:
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