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He Knew Her For Erendis

By peet
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'Riding one day in the forests of the Westlands he saw a woman, whose dark hair flowed in the wind, and about her was a green cloak clasped at the throat with a bright jewel; and he took her for one of the Eldar, who came at times to those parts of the Island. But she approached, and he knew her for Erendis, and saw that the jewel was the one that he had given her; then suddenly he knew in himself the love that he bore her, and he felt the emptiness of his days. Erendis seeing him turned pale and would ride off, but he was too quick, and he said: "Too well have I deserved that you should flee from me, who have fled so often and so far! But forgive me, and stay now."'  

JRR Tolkien: Unfinished TalesALDARION AND ERENDIS: The Mariner's Wife 

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Painted in watercolour.

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Wow, the Mariner's Wife.
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:) I'd like to add more pieces for this tale in time, when I get the chance.
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Waiting for you~:happybounce: 
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Clap I commend you! Rarely do I see fan art of Aldarion and Erendis, because sadly many Tolkien fans haven't read The Unfinished Tales. This is beautiful, I love Erendis's facial features and expression.Shocked :squee: 
peet's avatar
Thanks for the warm words! Yes, this tale has always been a favourite of mine and I'd been meaning to portray the pair for some time. I'd like to devote more to them, but time is always against me. One day I'll add to them though :nod:
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wonderful! la in love 
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Thanks a lot!! :hug:
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Beautifully painted, with lovely detail and colour!
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Judging from your work skill levels, it's wonderful to receive such praise from a talented artist as yourself. Thank you so much! :D
Matakoura's avatar
You're welcome! :D And thank you! :3
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If I have one quibble for this amazing piece of art? It's that Erendis looks flat as a 10 year old.:blushes:
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Some women ARE as flat as a ten year old :-)
I've been revisiting UT recently, and was looking around for fanart for Erendis, and this just blew me away, you really captured the essence of her character and her feelings toward Aldarion. I also agree with the poster below who said that this picture is also very close to how she imagines Morwen Eledhwen to look (another poor lady who didn't get to spend much time with her husband). She also reminds me a bit of Arwen as Liv Tyler portrayed her, incidentally another Tolkien lady who had to compromise for her husband. (I think I'm seeing a trend here.)
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Thank you so much for the kind words. I was really pleased with how Erendis turned out here, and I agree with the idea that this would pass for Morwen of Dor-lomin too, albeit with raven hair. As for the compromises you discern in the notable wives of Arda, you are indeed correct! There seems to be something of a type of sacrifice, which Tolkien portrays as strength, in his woman, I suppose ;)
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She looks like she'd rather be left alone.
peet's avatar
Indeed! Though the sentence immediately following states that they rode to her father, and were betrothed. Still, this is not a love story with a happy ending ...
peet's avatar
That is high praise indeed! Thanks! :)
IngvildSchageArt's avatar
OH I thought the story of Aldarion and Erendis was such a bittersweet one, and of course that made me love it even more!

AND what a beautiful rendition of the characters, actually very close to my image of Erendis! Well done, sir!
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I agree completely. There's a lot of 'bittersweet' in Tolkien, but this tale was a most interesting and intriguing example of that. I think it's written beautifully and tragically. I'm so glad you approve of the rendition, and that it comes close to your imagination of Erendis. Thank you! :boing:
IngvildSchageArt's avatar
Oh, absolutely! I think I fell in love with Tolkien even more after reading The Silmarillion, simply because it's so much darker... and the complexity of the tragic love stories just get me!! The love story of Erendis and Aldarion is actually one of my favorites, and by extend also the story of Ancalimë, tho her's is much more shallowly descripted than theirs. And you're very welcome! ^^
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Oh yes, well, LotR is of course really, really dark in parts. But Silm has no hobbits to lighten the mood, and such like. You can kind of see therefore why Bilbo and co. gave the professor his big break. It's the classic formula of the 'fish out of water' that works so well - and sells so well too ;)! Though I absolutely adore both, I fell in love with Silm more in the end, just like you. It's darker, sadder, more complex, more adult, as you. And it's also more theological and philosophical in many ways. LotR thereby becomes much richer for having read it :)
IngvildSchageArt's avatar
Yes that is true, and personally I favor the fairy-taley narrative in Silm, because the level of descriptions in LotR can sometimes bore me when I read (as I am a fairly slow reader and quickly loses interest), so the action packed pace in Silm works better for me.
Oh yes, I actually adore the whole theory that the professor created the Hobbits to reflect the classic englishman and the true terror of living in Middle earth compared to the slow life in Hobbiton (Civilized england). It so endearing, especially when he said he thought of himself as a Hobbit. It is indeed brilliant. I do not know if it is a coincidence or not, but that is exactly the same that Edgar Rice Burroughs did with John Carter in "A Princess of Mars". He used the classical western war hero as a contrast to the savage and brutal life on Mars, and it just makes me so giddy thinking about it for some reason. Clever, old, ground breaking authors! <3

Oh and indeed, even when I watch the films after having read Silm I feel like everything makes so much more sense, and the weight of the story is increased so much, just knowing the history that lead them all there. Oh I have no words for how much I LOVE Silm, and it truly breaks my heart that its not more appreciated in the grand schemes of our cultural references than it is. Even with a substancial fandom loving it, most people have never even heard of Silmarillion, simply knows of Tolkien as the author of "that fantasy film", my mum included, and it tares me apart, for to me the Silmarillion is such a masterpiece of storytelling and just the depth as to which he went to explore all his characters... it makes me tear up thinking of it! (I may be slightly more than obsessed with it.. please forgive my rambling, again!)
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Goodness gracious!  This is BEAUTIFUL!  And all that detail!  Bro, I'm going to nose around your gallery for a bit.
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