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Gandalf the White

By peet
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I have mixed feelings about this particular piece of work. It was, more than anything else, an excuse for me to indulge in some twisted and overgrown forestry. It's probably Gandalf roaming around Fangorn Forest before he meets up again with part of the Fellowship ...

JRR Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Book III,  Chapter 5: The White Rider

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The-girl-in-Mirkwood's avatar
I LOVE THIS! It reminds me of Alan Lee's art, and I've always wondered how he draw/paint, so happy I found u here on Da haha ;)
peet's avatar
Many thanks. Alan Lee is an obvious influence, and I think this is even clearer in my earlier works (such as this one, which is one of my very earliest from 2002). I hope now that I've branched out a bit, but yes, I've always loved his work. And I also really love the pre-Raphaelites too :)
The-girl-in-Mirkwood's avatar
No prob. Yep, I can see that, and I'm very inspired by that wonderful illustrator too ;) But this is your personal style, of course, and I really like it :)
peet's avatar
Thanks again - yes, Lee is wondrous!
kimberly80's avatar
This is very cool, I love all at once, the style is a bit like Alan Lee, beautiful work ...
peet's avatar
Thanks - yes Lee heavily influenced this one (he's my favourite artist), and that still permeates throughout my work, I'm sure. This one is very old, one of my earliest. But I'm glad you like it.
kimberly80's avatar
One feels that you love him and he inspires you, but you have your own individuality no less interesting)
peet's avatar
That's good to know. Alan Lee does indeed inspire me greatly - I simply love the fey and ethereal quality to his work. He truly is the best watercolorist I've ever seen as well, I think.
kimberly80's avatar
It's true, I also think that he is one of the best, I am struck by rocks and trees ....
peet's avatar
Oh yeah! But he's also good at many things ;)
kimberly80's avatar
I would like to learn how to draw the branches like you and he) is so beautiful, but I have to have no patience, and perhaps they do not obtained)
peet's avatar
Your portraits/anatomy is amazing; surely, if you can observe the human form in this way, you could do the same for flora :)
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gaelicwolf's avatar
This is have excellent control of watercolors. Wow....wowowowowow. :D
Irthfather's avatar
If you squint your eyes a bit, you can almost believe that you've just stumbled upon Gandolf and his friend....I've just found your gallery and I can't wait to come back and see more! Excellent personal expression of beloved characters. Amazing detail......I really like your style!
aautio's avatar
Oh, the trees look incredible.. i can do nothing but gasp in awe at your watercolour talent :worship: ..and i can't help but bring up the name Lee again.. :)
carolin54323's avatar
I like it, especially because you indulged "in some twisted and overgrown forestry" because it's wonderfully done. I like the ent's face, wonderful! I also like Gandalf's staff. It's like gandalf picked up a stick about the right length, rather than the one in the movie, which looks like Gandalf got an elf to make it for him back at Rivendel, because the staff top looks like Rivendell architecture, which is far too ornate for Gandalf's staff.
Galhad's avatar
Brilliant painting! Simply brilliant!
KatArtIllustrations's avatar
It actually reminds me A LOT of the image I had of that scene where Legolas is on watch and thinks he sees 'the white wizard' off in the trees.
peet's avatar
I think I had that scene somewhat in mind when painting this :).
KatArtIllustrations's avatar
Ah great minds think alike ;)
peet's avatar
nienor's avatar
i wish i had the patience to do undergrowth like that
Gold-Seven's avatar
Ouch! Managed to make a fool of myself after all. :D This is an older pic?? Wow! ;)
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