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Earendil and Elwing

By peet
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'And it is sung that she fell from the air upon the timbers of Vingilot, in a swoon, nigh unto death for the urgency of her speed, and Eärendil took her to his bosom; but in the morning with marvelling eyes he beheld his wife in her own form beside him with her hair upon his face, and she slept.'

JRR Tolkien: The Silmarillion: Chapter 24: Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath 

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Painted in watercolour.

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Sharrukin-of-Akkad's avatar
Very nice! To be honest I never thought of Eärendil as being blonde, but it does make sense - I seem to recall that Idril Celebrindal, his mother, was blonde, and Tuor was from the house of Hador and had blonde ancestors. Love the intimacy and the quiet emotion of the scene here.
peet's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like :) :) Yeh I'm not sure that his hair colour is explicitly mentioned, however his parents' is (particularly Idril's, whose Vanyarin golden-hair is spoken of nearly on a par with Galadriel's), so I always envisioned him this way to be honest.
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Thanks a lot, really glad you like :)
aegeri's avatar
Very nice picture :) emotion, colours, composition... I like this part of Silmarillion :happybounce: Well done Clap 
peet's avatar
This is a great chapter (alongside the one before it of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin), though so incredibly short in the final published Silm. When you read Tuor's Unfinished Tale, and the Book of Lost Tales version, you get a sense of the grandeur and epic sweep of these episodes which Christopher Tolkien could only hint at. Anyways, of course I'm really glad you like! :excited:
Rearda's avatar
That is fabulous!  His expression is so full of emotion, yet he is gazing into the distance! I love the colours you have chosen; and that the stars and the blue are in the robes, not the sky so that one is pulled into the intimacy of the moment and held there.
peet's avatar
Your comments warm me so much, each and every time. Thank you so much :thanks:. I'm really glad that the eye gazes, first and foremost, at the intimacy between husband and wife here, over everything else. I like pictures that have that sort of centre of gravity, before noticing little touches elsewhere. This is what draws me in in others' work :)
AvaAlatariel's avatar
Beautiful, absolutely stunning!
peet's avatar
Very much appreciated, thanks :thanks:
NdrN's avatar
Very beautiful!
peet's avatar
Thrilled you believe so :thumbsup:
SarkaSkorpikova's avatar
So beautiful! :) :heart: And it also has some symbolism in it. And the evening sea does not look kitschy and that's almos a miracle :giggle :thumbsup:
peet's avatar
Thank you so much! What symbolism do you detect!? And actually it's sunrise, hence he is looking back to M-e and probably concerned about the kids :lol: ...
SarkaSkorpikova's avatar
I like how Eärendil is looking to the skies like if he was seeing his future, however Elwing just wants to stay with him. The starry mantle speaks for itself. But sometimes we create much more symbolism than we think and on the other hand some of the symbols we give to the picture stay undiscovered. :D 
peet's avatar
Very wise words indeed :D The inherent mysteries of the flame imperishable! Thanks again :headbang:!
AlystraeaArt's avatar
Love her sleeping pose and the way her hair falls across her face :-) The colours are gorgeous, especially that sky and the sea.
peet's avatar
As ever, my sincere thanks! Yes I was really pleased with the tones in the background :D
Chanteur-de-Vent's avatar
Love her pose, she looks very natural in her sleep. And his open eyes look so thoughtful. Beautiful work.
peet's avatar
Much obliged for the kind words :) I think I tried to capture his surprise at her transformation, and also his looking back to M-e and thinking about his children with not a little concern ...
Chanteur-de-Vent's avatar
If I remember correctly this is the moment she came as a sea gull after escaping the sons of Feanor. Is that correct? 
peet's avatar
Indeed, though the type of bird is unspecified. Here's the evening before ;):

Elwing Bearing the Silmaril by peet
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