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‘Now Eärendil came fast in friendship with Círdan the Ship-wright, who dwelt on the Isle of Balar with those of his people who escaped from the sack of the Havens at Brithombar and Eglarest. With the aid of Círdan Eärendil built Vingilot, the Foam-flower, fairest of the ships of song; golden were its oars and white its timbers, hewn in the birchwoods of Nimbrethel, and its sails were as the argent moon. In the Lay of Eärendil is many a thing sung of his adventures in the deep and in lands untrodden, and in many seas and in many isles; but Elwing was not with him, and she sat in sorrow by the mouths of Sirion.’

JRR Tolkien: The Silmarillion: Chapter 24: Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath

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Painted in watercolour.

If you appreciate my artwork, please show your support by taking a few short moments to 'Like' my :facebook: Facebook Page, at Peter Xavier Price - Illustrator. Many thanks!

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silmarlfan1's avatar
Very good representation of water. I don't do good with water.
LadyElleth's avatar
Wonderfully done as all your paintings are, and nice foreshadowing with the bird at his side.
fanson's avatar
ohh i thought the bird was elwing, since she transforms into one... y'know.. :reading:
all in all i think it's great. :D
Silmarillion-Club's avatar
Good Day! I am going to favorite a few things in your gallery for our club as you are a very notable artist for Tolkien artwork. I would be very pleased to display your work!


ps. should you ever choose to join, I have to take down those pieces and resubmit them with your permission in accordance with dA rules on clubs.
zulu-eos's avatar
Such an excellent potrait of Earendil in the sea, so calm and yet so much going on if you really think about it.
pussycat's avatar
you have got the talent to put your imagination on paper - absolutely perfect :clap:
judetrinity's avatar
his hair is beautiful! and the sky...mmmm....

i wish he was real, i would totally hit on him :-P

oh wait, Tolkien characters ARE real....right?
canasian's avatar
looks like pencil crayon...
or-- watercolour on textured paper

very good - i like his stern expression
addielikes's avatar
the sea is beautiful and I like your veiw on Eärendil; I see him with dark hair. ;)....but yet another great piece!
peet's avatar
Thanks a lot. Well, I imagine him with golden-hair because his father, Tuor, had the golden-hair of the House of Hador, and his mother, Idril, is said also to have the golden-hair of the Vanyar. So I figured he would so as well :).
addielikes's avatar
ah...I see. then his wife, Elwing, would have dark hair? which Elrond and Elros have? :o
peet's avatar
Indeed, indeed :). Remember, Elwing is the granddaughter of Beren and Luthien :)
foreverdelayed's avatar
Yay Earendil! Doesnt get enough recognition, that elf. Cool picture! still jealous of your painting style.
perkan's avatar
as told before, the sea looks great. You captured the movement and vividness of the waves perfectly, and the colours increase that life as always. Eärendil looks awsome as well; great shading in the face and the hair looks superb.

Another masterpiece!:D
xiaomeimei's avatar
lovely, lovely!! i can just feel the breeze! you paint water well, although i think the sky could be a bit darker, but its my opinion. it look as good as it is
dctheonly1's avatar
Nice style of colouring. The sea wave looks very good.
Just the sky is a bit less detailed.
Overall good work.
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