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Amon Ereb

By peet
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'Between Ramdal and Gelion there stood a single hill of great extent and gentle slopes, but seeming mightier than it was, for it stood alone; and that hill was named Amon Ereb. Upon Amon Ereb died Denethor, lord of the Nandor that dwelt in Ossiriand, who marched to the aid of Thingol against Morgoth in those days when the Orcs first came down in force, and broke the starlit peace of Beleriand; and upon that hill Maedhros dwelt after the great defeat.'

JRR Tolkien: The Silmarillion: Chapter 14: Of Beleriand and its Realms

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Painted in watercolour.

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The last Feanorian stronghold in Beleriad, from there they went to Doriath and Sirion. 

It looks very lonely, and unfriendly here. 

In some maps it looks like Amon Ereb survived the War of Wrath. And was on the western shores of Forlindon. 

I'm writing a fanfiction in Polish called "The Last Kinslayers" that's "Ostatni bratobójcy". I started that as a parody of Tauriel/Kili from the movies. That "couple" survived the Battle of the five armies, but their so called romance uproared the whole Elvendom. And who is better to end that perversion than the last kinslayers who dweal somewhere in Forlindon? And Amon Ereb is home of the last feanorian supporters who still live in Middle Earth. 
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Oooh, I LOVE this!!!
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Much obliged!
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I appreciate it :-)
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Great landscape. The dark thunderclouds set an intense mood, a sense of foreboding. Very symbolic for this refuge of doomed people, facing a long inevitable defeat.
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Very good to see you back my friend, hope you're doing well - it's been a while. And glad to see you like this piece, always a pleasure to depict something that others haven't before :D
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reminds me of the crusades
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Not a bad comparison to make, considering the less than savoury deeds committed by these folk ...
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I like the party riding out.
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Thanks :) Possibly heading for Doriath or Arvernien though ...? :cry: 
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A wonderful piece. The colors are quite appropriate for the piece.
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Thank you! I hope to offer more Beleriandic landscapes when I have the time for it :nod:.
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Nice!! Atmosphere is really perfect...and your watercolor illustrations! :)
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Thanks aegeri, very kind words from a fellow Tolkienist and illustrator! I'm a big admirer of your paintings also! (As I hope you know ;) ).
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Excellent work! The dark clouds definitely set the mood well. This is very similar to how I imagined this area when I read the book.
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As ever thank you! Always a pleasure to match one's imagination, which is by no means any easy thing to achieve :nod:!
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You do Tolkien's visions such justice... And a sense of the immense power and tragic doom of the Noldor.
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I really am humbled by this kind of praise - thanks so much. I revere Tolkien's work, and hope this comes across in the illustrations :) Thank you thank you thank you :worship:
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