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Peeper's Place

Welcome to Peeper's Place!

What is a Peeper?

Peepers are tall fox-like creatures with magic smoke inside their bodies. They are usually 5-7ft tall and very elusive. They live on what is essentially a second earth, called Arandiban.

They avoid humans mostly but if they come into contact they will work for the human aslong as they have a good supplies of bright colours.






Canon Integrated Species

These species are officially integrated into the world of Arandiban and is canon for any of these species to exist alongside Peepers! If you'd like to have your species interact with Peepers please note the group!









Journal Writers

Newest Members

Hello fellow Peeps,

first of we would like to apologize for the long wait. Alot happened behind the scenes but now that the mod team is bigger and stronger we will be able to be more active and productive. =)
And we thank you all who stayed with us so far. <3

And now we´d like to announce what those that took part in the Boss fighr have won.

RandomnessRAA - Fluff x5 , Monster Potion

ZombieGarou - Fluff x1 , Monster Potion

MidnightFire233 - Sticks x5 , Monster Potion

NeverPhyleon - Fluff x1 , Monster Potion

Metalslugx3 - Sticks x4 , Monster Potion

EcchoAkuma - Fluff x4 , Monster Potion

ImagineBeyondNS - Sticks x5 , Secret Pet

Ikevenon - Fluff x5 , Monster Potion

The information about the items/material will later be added by Ne-wt

Again we thank all the participants and hope to see you all in the next event. =)
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