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Peeper's Place

Welcome to Peeper's Place!

What is a Peeper?

Peepers are tall fox-like creatures with magic smoke inside their bodies. They are usually 5-7ft tall and very elusive. They live on what is essentially a second earth, called Arandiban.

They avoid humans mostly but if they come into contact they will work for the human aslong as they have a good supplies of bright colours.


Click the image below to be brought to the website with more information!



Canon Integrated Species

These species are officially integrated into the world of Arandiban and is canon for any of these species to exist alongside Peepers! If you'd like to have your species interact with Peepers please note the group!







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Discord Invite

LF mods, admins etc for Cs group

Thu Nov 9, 2017, 11:06 PM
So I’m looking for a few extra helping hands over at :iconpeepersplace: 
the form is below and you can either note it to me or comment below!

For Contributors I want

- Help with Designing Peepers (For raffles, DTAs etc)
- Help judge and host events
- Help to create prizes for contests like art, drawing other's peepers etc.

For Mods I want

- Help with Q&A
- Help with the Master account, ownership changes etc.

For Admins I want

-all of the above
-trait design and adopt creation

Contributors are allowed to do some of the mod work too, but since they will be doing mod and contrib work I'll be more picky for Contributor applications than I will be for mod applications.

IMPORTANT : For all admin positions!

you must have a discord so you can join the admin chat and monitor group chats

you must be active

 You must have been a Deviantart member for at least 1 year to be an admin.


Name - (Username)

Position on you’re interested in-

Which group part are you most interested in moderating?- Event prizes, prompts, ownership etc.

Other skills? - (Such as designing tiled backgrounds, pixel art, page dolls etc. and if so show couple examples)(optional)

At least 1 group you moderate currently moderate (optional)- LINK

Acknowledgement - I've read the Group rules

Peeper Group RulesSince i think this is needed I'm going to create a general guide of the rules we will have in place at Peeper's place! 
Peepers are a closed species by Ne-wt and can only be obtained through means of sale, raffle, trade, swap etc
              * Please do not approach creators or moderators about special permissions.
Payment Methods
Points and Money accepted.  (unless stated otherwise.)Amount may be split in half-points and half-money. (please ask before.)
Rules for Adopting and Trading Your Peeper
After payment if request, you'll recieve a full resolution image of your Peeper if requested!Edits need approval from the owner unless extremely minor.Any trades, sales, gifts, or swaps of a Peepers MUST be noted in the Masterlist (:iconpeeperm

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