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love is blind

my number two favorite couple is zarek and astrid, i love their story entirely
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I didn't have to look at the description to know it was Zarek and Astrid. <3 Yassss. 
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My fave couple too!!!! So pretty!
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The emotions in her eyes are BEAUTIFUL... this is a wonderful drawing
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I am reading Zarek/Astrid now, so this picture is a great image for me =] hehehe
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ME TO!!! Besides Vane/Bride... this is my favorite couple!! their story is so sweet... they are like Night/Day... what a wonderful pairing.
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I love this, Zarek is my favy DH!!!
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Their story had me crying and laughing and just about melting into a little puddle of fluffy and this just brings that exact same feeling back. You've captured them perfectly and beautifully.
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lol I must post something again :iconteheplz:

When i saw this in my messages, I had a clue who it was. I looked at the drawing and saw what you put. I let out a huge fangirl squeal. Lol, they have to be the odd ball, cutest couple, besides Tori and Acheron.
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<3 <3 <3
lamo thank you Cx i love them because through out the book the references made to 'the little prince'' made it so much... MORE. you know? i dont even know what im saying lol
they just captured me.

! idea for another Zastrid doodle C:<
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I understand what you are saying, completely! I read that book more so many times then Acheron, which is my favorite book. I just love Zarek's bad ass additude, and Astrid that has that calmness that calms the big beast! :giggle: -insert loud fangirl squeal-

Uh oh, what shall it be?
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so evil~
hmmmmmmmm I realize something on simibear, she says hornies or something along those lines right?
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This is my favorite couple, hands down.

I love you're art so much. The characters all look how I imagine them.
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C: thank youuu!

i love hearing that :D
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