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sunshine is my favorite <3
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This is a fantastic sunshine. You did her justice and I hope you do more artwork for the DH series. Perhaps you will do some for the Chronicles of Nick in the future.
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Haha because of you and this comment I looked at my drawing and decided to update! Thanks for bringing my attention back to the series (: I hope you like the updates! And perhaps I will, Nick was my favorite after all, might doodle him up later!
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Awesome, I'm glad I could persuade you to return to the dark side. ;) I personally love this series but hate how they drew the women in the manga. I would love to also see your view of Kateri. Perhaps I could convince you to do a piece where Sunshine and Kateri are picking on Talon? Its just and idea. 

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I like thiis. And how she's covered in paint. <3

...I don't like how the manga artist draws females. It's just not my style. D8

..On the topic of botching the characters,

I think they butchered Nick. At least his clothes. He doesn't always wear the hawaiin shirts. He's supposed to be Grungy. D8
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Oh I know :\ I gave up reading the manga a long time ago. Its the same story as the books and I like how I picture the characters better lol

thanks C:
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She has such...

Huge tracks of land...

On her chest...

She looks like you!
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ahahahah thanks Cx

you dont live near the con any more :C
MissyZoe's avatar
unfortunate. : (
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Totally better than the official comic design!!

Very nice!
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thank you thank you *bow* lmao
i hate the comic art. no office to the artist, but i cant read those books due to the botchering of characters. i almost want to redo it myself! sheesh.
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Whoa... do it! It would look awesome!
I only like Ash's design (though his hair is a little long), but the expressions are cute so I still get the comics. And it's not that the art style is bad... it just doesn't fit the characters at all.
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im not saying that the art style is bad, but yeah, the characters are so so off it kills me =/
i agree. if ash's hair was shorter it would be so much better.
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I'm sorry interrupt, but dude, I've seen some people talking about how wrong Grace was designed. I want to buy the comics just to see it. HAHAHA
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