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this is pretty much how I pictured Bride :P I was going to draw Vane with her, which is why her hand is out there like that but I've got somewhere to be and didnt have time to draw him in lol <3

Bride McTierney is Kenyons
art is mine C:
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I love this concept of her!! I totally see her in my mind looking just like this!
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That is a great Bride concept.

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I love the fact that Bride is described as being a full figured woman. So I love this image of her, good job.
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thank you! I dont like when they make her tiny >> its... not her then...
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:squee: I loved Vane's and Bride's story. It was the only Dark Hunter book I read in confession >.> ^.^
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This is a great portrayal of Bride, she is plump and GORGEOUS!! She is my favorite heroine... hope you draw Vane! =]
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C: maybeee everytime i try to draw him it comes out not the way i like, but when i figure him out i'll post him
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I am rereading the book and I still think of your picture when it described Bride in the beginning =]
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awh you are so sweet!
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Perfect example of how plumper characters are classy and beautiful too! This is a great take on Bride!
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C: so far Im glad Im doing right by the fans <3 (other than myself lol)
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There needs to be more DH fan art in the internet. Please make more because your's are great!
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challenge excepted.

lol thanks C:
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*squeals* OMG OMG OMG OMG OMFG! It's a PERFECT Bride *spazzes happily* This is EXACTLY how I picture her in my head. *coos and squeals more*
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Having a Dark-Hunter streak? :iconteheplz: But awesome work~
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Im re-reading some books, so for now its my ''muse'' lol
but thank you~
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I know how you feel.I really need to get more of the books, I have so many gabs and I'm constantly rereading for the fun of it. And your welcome.
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You got the body type down perfectly! It's exactly how I see her, too. :D
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oh thank you lol I dont like it when people draw her with big boobs but no weight on her, kind of ruins it for me a little =/
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Yeah, that is kinda annoying. She's supposed to be a little plump.
digging it, great lines
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