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Acheron from the Dark Hunter novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon.
took a little while to do, and forgive the lazy-ness of not putting any kind of background in... seems to be that way for every picture I do lol.. maybe one day I'll put a bg in... one day.... haha

he belongs to Akra-Kenyon.
art is mine!
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this is literally the best ever 
thank you
thank you so much for making this 
thank you
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I like your renditions of the dark-hunters! :D :D A lot of them seriously look like how I see them in my head too. Have you done Simi? I havent found her yet if you have!
Narutosith's avatar
Awesome you did it great 
ShapeShifter-Rave's avatar
I loves it!! XD Being a follower of the series for well over six years, I adore the fact that Ash looks awesome animated. Great job!!!
Drakague's avatar
hehe =D I love his expression.  it's all like "no, not doin it!"
Awesome! That's how I imagine Ash to look like :)
Simply-Dreams's avatar
Ultra drool worthy *continues to drool* XD
peekabooga's avatar
*mops up drool*
thank you
thank you... :D
Simply-Dreams's avatar
lol well Acheron is total drool worthy, my favorite Dark-Hunter! I mean I love all of them equally but come on... this is ASH! XD
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I just love his facial expression. He's like, "Ok? ..........-nods- Ok."
peekabooga's avatar
ahaha that was the thought x)
hieisdarkdragonchick's avatar
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XD thank youuu!!!!!
Faithmonster's avatar
Lmao! I so pictured Ash like this!
Fancy-Indigo's avatar
That face...XD Love it of coarse!
Amethiist's avatar
Whoaaa, it's one of the best Ash drawing I've ever seen! (: Grat and I added it to my favs! (:
peekabooga's avatar
ahh thank you kindly <3
Mea-Bellgome18's avatar
This is amazing! lol Love it!!
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No Simi tattoo? ;_;
peekabooga's avatar
Simi is out shopping so no tattoo
iwuvgarfield's avatar
god dammit,Akri!will you STOP saying that?
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