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Pelecanimimus polyodon

By PedroSalas
Pelecanimimus polyodon head sculpt. 1:1 Scale. Year 2006.

Pelecanimimus (meaning "pelican mimic") is a genus of basal ("primitive") ornithomimosaurian theropod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous of Spain. It is notable for possessing more teeth than any other member of the Ornithomimosauria (or any other theropod), most of which were toothless.

It was highly unusual among ornithomimosaurs in its large number of teeth: it had about 220 very small teeth in total, with seven premaxillary teeth, about thirty maxillary, and seventy-five in the dentary. The teeth were heterodont, showing two different basic forms. The teeth in the front of the upper jaw were broad and D-shaped in cross-section, while those further back were blade-like, and on the whole the teeth in the upper jaw were larger than those in the lower. All of its teeth were unserrated, and had a constricted "waist" between the crown and the root. Interdental plates were lacking.

My sculpture is faithful to this description for Pelecanimimus dentition only in terms of number and distribution.

WIP 1:…

WIP 2:…

More pics on my Facebook page:…
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Awesome sculpture ! :D
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You're Very Welcome ! :D

I mean it ! Nod