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Contanstly updating this journal - Last Update 07/03/20



:bulletorange: Commissions are Limited (I can take simple commissions but any complicated project could take me up to 2 months to be able to do it, also will only accept works that I find very interesting to do, if you want to have a spot in the queue send me a note, the current queue projects is up to October)

Commissions Prices 

Flat Color

Jail Time (Jasper x Pearl) by Pedroillusions

Mature Content

A good book (Belle) by Pedroillusions

<da:thumb id="594933460"/> Car wash (Pearl, BD Pearl, YD Pearl) by Pedroillusions

Mature Content

Tough Fight (Taylor) by Pedroillusions

Mature Content

Now is a nudist beach (Lilo and Stitch Lifeguard) by Pedroillusions

-$13 for every Character
-$1 to $15 for extra stuff (Details like faceless extra characters, complicated clothes, stuff on the background, minipanels, etc...)

Detailed Color

Mature Content

Naked Pin-up (Camilla) by Pedroillusions

Mature Content

Shrine of Punishment (Starfire) by Pedroillusions

Selfcest kiss (Lucina) by Pedroillusions

Mature Content

You are mine (Korrasami) by Pedroillusions

Fairy Tail Beach (Juvia, Flare, Lucy) by Pedroillusions

Mature Content

Korrasami bath time by Pedroillusions

-$17 for every Character
-$3 to $25 for extra stuff (Specific details like faceless extra characters, complicated clothes, stuff on the background, minipanels, etc...)


Mature Content

TDI humilation compilation by Pedroillusions

Mature Content

Uncensored Fight Scene (Ashi) by Pedroillusions

Mature Content

Full Big Fight (Camilla Vs Yang) by Pedroillusions

Mature Content

Goddesses Fight (Palutena Vs Rosalina) by Pedroillusions

-In general a 1 character scene loop have a cost of $25 as minimum, keep in mind this is only the minimum, the animation can cost more, depends on how much work it required for example move a full body its more complicated than only move the upper body, if you want a cartoon or anime could change the price as well and things like that
- For a loop scene with 2 or more characters the minimum is $35, to determinate the full value, its the same process I previosly say ^
- For something more complex than a loop you can say me your idea and I give you a price, buying more content at once could reduce the price

Information you need to know

You can contact me with a Note in this site or with a pm on another of my gallerys
You can use Paypal to pay
:bulletblue: I mostly take Commissions on Whentai
:bulletblue: In some cases I would ask you to make the payment on Whentai, this mostly will happen with commissions with a high value but could it happen with any commissions If I find that as the better option
In 5 days or less you recieve you pic, most of the time you get the pic the next day
1 week or more for pics with 4 characters or more
The simple color include shades and not to many blush/shine areas
The full color include shades, blushes and shine areas
For an Animation wait time is 1 week or more depending on how complex the animation is
Sometimes I take point commissions, the know the price you only need to add 00 to my current prices
I make some fetiches and other dont, you can ask to be sure
Generally I draw any character but sometime I dont accept some characters because I dont really like that character, you can ask to be sure
I can make futa but only if the pic actually include another non futa girl as the focus of the action
I not always post the commissions (sometimes I post an edited version if I feel necessary) but you can post it in your main page or another site, just give me credit
:bulletred: I reserve the right to decline commissions
:bulletred: I dont work with Ocs
If you know my paypal, never send me money without ask me before
I dont start to draw until I get the money
I dont make sketches
Generally I dont make backgrounds I use screenshots, just in a few cases I make simple backgrounds
I dont add sound to animations
I dont draw Yaoi
I dont draw Males alones (I can draw males, but never gonna be the focus of the Pic)
:bulletred: I dont add polish nails to feets
I dont take this fetishes
-Genderswap (I accept Futa)
-Vore related
-Pooping related
-Diapers related
-Farting related
-Sneezing ralated
-Ill related
-Belly inflation related (There are some exceptions)
-Peeing related (There are some exceptions)

Another Sites

Not all my pics arrive to DA, you can find some of them in WHentai or in my Blog, dont ask me for the links, if you find my newground account you will find a full list with all my gallerys, be aware that my other gallerys include +18 material, if you dont like this kind of material, dont try to find my gallerys
© 2016 - 2020 Pedroillusions
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I heard something about earning a free commission?

GundamSamuraiAkira's avatar
Perhaps a simple animation would be cool sometime :) Something smaller than what I've offered in the past LOL 
Pedroillusions's avatar
Sure, do you have something in mind?
GundamSamuraiAkira's avatar
We could still do Mai as we discussed or another TD girl. Simple wardrobe malfunction of some kind without getting too complicated for a change maybe =P 
Pedroillusions's avatar
Anything that work for you its fine
GundamSamuraiAkira's avatar
Probably a simple loop job since I don't have infinite resources at current ^^; 
Pedroillusions's avatar
Do you have infinite resources before? xD Ok a loop its fine its that what you are searching for
GundamSamuraiAkira's avatar
Well not exactly XD But I do gotta be a bit more conservative for a bit. 

Something simple, but still gratifying XD I figure a TD or Avatar girl is the best place to go lol 
Pedroillusions's avatar
Ok when you decide what gonna be your idea, contact me back
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Are you cool with body expansion?
Pedroillusions's avatar
Depends on what you are exactly searching for
NL07's avatar
Breast and butt expansion.
Pedroillusions's avatar
Yes I make expansions I just not go to extremes with breast/butt expansion
ChrisTitanZone45's avatar
I guess you don't take DA Points.
Pedroillusions's avatar
Rarely but sometimes
ChrisTitanZone45's avatar
Cause I was wondering if you can do breast inflation animations.
Pedroillusions's avatar
Send me a note with the details
GundamSamuraiAkira's avatar
That's cool man. I am hoping soon I can let you when I have some sense of what the next one might be for when things open back up. :)
Pedroillusions's avatar
Its ok, you have a lot time now, to think what do you want :)
GundamSamuraiAkira's avatar
Thanks :) Slowly getting a sense of who I think I want to try the next time ;P
Pedroillusions's avatar
So you already discard some girls? I have curiosity about who are the girl with more possibilties
GundamSamuraiAkira's avatar
I have. :nod: I can tell you more here or in private, whichever's better.
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