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modern beta

By pedrocasoa
tanks to ~mlkbouba for helping me on the theme files

update 21/09/2010 - added the start orb
update 25/09/2010 - start orb 1.1
update 26/09/2010 - finally adding the explorer frame
(I am having a problem I just want to put the arrows but he gets the black background behind, does anyone know how to do the ExplorerFrame only with the arrows
update 16/10/2010 - new close/maximize/minimize button
update 7/11/2010 - adding the 64 bit files
update 13/11/2010 - fixed some bugs


How to support me:

-Donate me .
-Give a Llama(I will give one back)
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Looks nice and clean, and pretty lush too! I like it. When I get my system sorted out I'll be sure to check it out.
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Black wasn't too great of a choice for the back and forward buttons on explorer. You should have used transparency or the colors of the windows startorb you used. Then it would look a lot better. Just some constructive criticism good job overall!
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good point but i allready uploaded the final version of the theme ,like une month ago and it includes already your idea [link]

sorry for the bad english i look like A terrorist (no offense terrorist´s)its that im writing at free hand and without google translate.
Reply: Solved .tnx :)
I install all of the theme and my start bar it's not change.... How to change'it ?
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1. if you installed you have to select the the theme that you want in the control panel
2.make shore that you instaled the rigt version of the theme foe wour system 3.install Universal Theme Patcher
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you should remore the arowes butons
dellon15's avatar
sweet... can i have the start orb
maichao's avatar
looks great !
MorningCon's avatar
MorningCon's avatar
Great theme! can you give me start orb?
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the start orb is included with the theme pack
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Could you make a version where the taskbar would be black and windows border white?
great job on the theme its stunning!
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This looks like a clean theme xD
Glad I came across this, gonna try it out!
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Going to get windows 7 in a week or so. Then I'll try this theme out. Looks really amazing from the scrennshot!
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cool, whats the wallpaper youre using?
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walpeper by katz93 AQUI
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dude, totally awesome.
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when do you relese this plz alert me or snd my em@il.....plzzz
pedrocasoa's avatar
i will alert you
saifuln's avatar
testing, Gracias, Thanks
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