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Grade 2.0 for Rainmeter

Minimalist backgrounds for your desktop.

-All wallpapers found in

Robot based on Crysis HUD.
Future pattern made by ~myztsuky
Version: 2.0
Max resolution 5760x1080.
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great idea! its been a while sice i found a worthy skin to download
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I am glad we you like it :)
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this is so awesome!
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If you want the pattern to fit your screen, add these lines in Grade.ini in the paterrn section u want modified. For example on 1920x1080 resolution:

It will fits squares horizontally and will not overlap the taskbar. Hope it helps.
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Thanks :)
but, i use a option in rainmeter, Manage skin>>position>> bottom, or on desktop.
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If I select bottom or on desktop, when i click a Rainmeter skin it comes in front... nvm... In a future version you should add much more patterns. Here's one i use for personal use. Maybe you'll use it or design something like that. [link]
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I will use in the next version, and give you the credit.
The problem of skin come in front, you can mark the option Click Through.
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I tried this too. But it comes in front if i press other skins too. And i can't make all skins "click through". :)
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llol this is accualy quite nice,it gives a simple touch to your wallpaper,i mean its easy to do but know one has done it,its a unique idea,Good job :)
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This needs a DD
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What it is DD?
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Daily Deviation reward for quality work
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It would be great :)
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What an idea ! I have wanted to add this feature to so many wallpapers in the past but didn't know Thanks
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Very nice idea!
I think this will be useful for many people.
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