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I'm done with doing Creative Suite icons :) Let's try something a little less specific ^^

Starlight is a 42 icons pack for the most useful applications (to me, at least). I wanted them to be united and sober... They are designed to work only with extra docks, which you can find in Windows (such as Objectdock or Rocketdock)and GNU/Linux distributions (such as Cairo-dock...).

This pack is divided into three parts, to avoid useless padding while using them in your dock. The version you should use depends wether you use it on a side, on the top or on the bottom of your screen...

If you feel like improving this pack, you can find the template here


If it's worth a download, it's worth a :+fav: as well :)
Comments also appreciated
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SHIT... THANK YOU Pedro-de-la-Luna
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I'm gonna convert this to a ico. file and use it on my computer... THANK YOU GOD AND DARKEAGLE
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Wow! This is really outstanding. Have to get it at once, thanks a lot, also for considering Linux users ;)!
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very very cool! niiice work! thank you! <3
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Excellent work and also thank you very much for the templates! :)
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Amazing work...
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I really love it too... You're my god...
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really lovely work. thanks
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super amazing! i love them!
u r so talented =]
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I truly appreciate :)
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These are beautiful (*_*)
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Really cool. Wish there was some Stardock icons too: windowblinds, iconpackager, cursor fx, object dock ;)
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Thanks, but I'm affraid I'm not qualified enough to make a windowsblinds skin, or any other stardock products... but you can still use this pack in Objectdock ;)
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nice icns........... can you make an icon for Finder, Safari, iTunes, Games, Net Tools, Yahoo, Video Apps, Hikari, System & trash....... its too many lolz.. im sorry bro... thanks....
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I'll try to add these icons as soon as I find enough time... Thanks btw :)
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