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CS3 Icons pack

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9 icones au format PNG basés sur le design des boites des logiciels de la CS3 d'Adobe...

9 PNG icons based on the design of Adobe CS3's applications' boxes...

There's now a second version of my icons pack here and a third there
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You are very kind Pedro-de-la-Luna ..You shared it for free..It is an impressive work done..Good job!
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thendralumar Photographer
Hi all bro
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I love them! Can I use some of the icon to alter them and use like a base to make icon for something else?
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Of course you can... :) I can even send you the template to make it easier and better...
Just give me your e-mail by sending me a note... ;)
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Dear Pedro-de-la-luna,

I would also like to use the icons and alter them and use like a base to make other icons - can you kindly send me the template.

Best regards

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Sweet! Sweet! Thank you pal!
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realmente preciosos.Salu2
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revengexx14Student Digital Artist
I'd love it if you made an "Adobe" icon for the whole set :)
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I should have done it before, but I decided not to improve this set anymore...sorry...
Check the new ones btw ;)
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amazing!!!!!!!! However my most used app (lightroom) is left out :( but I am just using another icon for it! thanks for making these!!!
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Thanks :)
But if you need the Lightroom icon, check my other icons... ;)
This one is the older one, but you should find whatever you need concerning the CS3 here, or in my last set here...
Enjoy :)
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Dschub-baStudent General Artist
I love them!! I never get enough.
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You're welcome, but they're starting to get old now ^^
Check out the new ones :nod:
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CinrycHobbyist Digital Artist
really nice...
thanks a lot!
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sm0kiiiHobbyist Interface Designer
nice wrk
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thanks man
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joseotaku Digital Artist
They look simply amazing!!!!
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love them....
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tres joli bravo
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Just as good as Adam Betts' set.
I HIGHLY recommend you expand the collection
You need

Photoshop Extended
And all of the other little things
Flash Encoder
Extension Manager
Script ToolKit
Device Central

Great Work Man!!! Keep it up :)
Adding Contribute and Encore would be great :)
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